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Looking to advertise with the HoliDaze? Sounds great, our fan base and web stats are improving weekly and I would like to find a real sponser soon and do away with these basic Google ads. I am confident that by this point you have taken a time to browse around our site a little or else you wouldn't be on this page...but I also realize that you probably have some questions for me, as well. To preemptively help answer a couple of those, included below are some basic HoliDaze visitor statistics.

We accept offers for both banner advertisements (preferred sizes listed below) and sponsored posts. Sponsored posts include an optional featured photo plus a range of additional upgrades, such as YouTube Channel integration, customized Twitter modules (like the one to the left), dynamic lightbox-style photo galleries, URL-masking to help track link activity, a listing in the new HoliDaze travel directory, and more. I designed the HoliDaze with the anticipation of future growth and have included more useful features and extensions than I have even been able to use yet. As such, creating a stylish and completely unique post is a breeze.   Did I mention that I am a website designer too?

Please contact me using the included form and I will get right back to you at my earliest convenience. Depending on where I may currently be traveling that might not necessarily always be within a day or two, but thank you in advance for taking that into consideration. I can also be reached online at any of the social sites listed to the right. And as you can see to the left is my recent Twitter activity. Feel free to give me a shout there, especially if it appears that I am currently online and engaging in live conversations and @s responses. I will respond to all DMs but it can take a few days or even weeks for that response as they stack up fast.

Thanks in advance for your inquiry, have a great day!

HoliDaze Stats

  • Current Active Users21
  • Active Guests21
  • Active Registered0
  • Unique Visits Today671
  • Unique Visits Yesterday476
  • Visits This Week3042
  • Visits Previous Week2571

Ad Campaign Specifications

Images must be in either gif, jpg, or png format and are subject to all IAB requirements. Almost all standard IAB sizes will be accepted, although a few are included here. The destination link will be masked and counted automatically by our banner system. Static graphics are preferred to dynamic.

  • 180x150 Rectangle //   Suggested size, fits all pages
  • 300x250 Medium Rectangle //   Suggested large size
  • 200x200 Custom Square //   Maximum coverage
  • 160x600 Wide Skyscraper //   High coverage
  • 468x60 Full Banner //   Medium Coverage
  • 728x90 Leaderboard //   Limited range of pages

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