Some time ago, we posted a list of 16 must-see places before you die—or, in other words, an ideal travel bucket list. But while it can take a lot of time, money and effort to check these places off, it's also never a bad idea to add a few more destinations to the list. You might live to be 100, but you're not going to see too much of the world. That's just not really possible!

So here are five more must-see places to include in your plans.

1. Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, Cambodia, a destination that should be on everyone's travel bucket list

Often mysteriously ignored as one of the world's most incredible sights, Cambodia's Angkor Wat is an ancient temple of the Khmer Empire that at one point lorded over a vast portion of Asia. Although, as Nomadic Matt points out, it's not a lone tourism destination. That site offers detailed travel tips for a huge range of places all over the world, and notes that there are several temples in the area worth visiting. But the chance to tour Angkor Wat in particular is breathtaking. It's a massive, ornate temple built into a jungle landscape, and you can actually take a tour through it, rather than simply look at it from afar. The article from Nomadic Matt also mentions that a nicer hotel room in Siem Reap, the closest major city, will only cost about 50,000 KHR, or roughly $12 per night.

2. Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful places in the USA

As far as travel destinations go, the U.S. is known largely for its big cities and fun beaches. Too often the beauty of the country, particularly in the western and northwestern regions, is ignored. And nothing exemplifies that beauty quite like Lake Tahoe. Known for some of the best skiing in the U.S. and as a pristine natural getaway during the rest of the year, it truly is a stunning place to visit. Accommodations are expensive pretty much across the board, but no matter when you go it's a trip you won't forget.

3. Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal in Agra, India, a destination that should be on every travel bucket list

The Taj Mahal is frequently mentioned as a bucket list destination, though it didn't make our last write-up. It's recognized all over the world as a stunning feat of architecture—but it's more than a fancy building. Lottoland's hub for the EuroMillions lottery recently wrote up its own bucket list travel article, and pointed out that the Taj Mahal is actually a tomb (whereas many might assume it's a palace). The construction was completed by Shah Jahan in the 1630s to honor his wife. Now, it stands as one of the true wonders of the world, and a must-see stop on any trip to India.

4. African Safari

An African safari should be on every travel bucket list!

Simply put, an African safari is one of the most incredible experiences you can have while traveling. You'll encounter gorgeous landscapes and fascinating wild animals, and ultimately feel a sense of both peace and adventure that's difficult to find anywhere else. Different countries and national parks throughout Africa provide different sights, but with a little bit of research into the country's best safari destinations, you can likely find something that appeals to you. Sometimes that might mean a traditional safari with a chance at seeing all kinds of animals; sometimes it means a trek to observe a specific type of primate; and sometimes it may even mean a river cruise where you'll spot crocodiles, hippos, and elephants cooling off.

5. Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands, Denmark, a top-rated destination for your bucket list

Iceland has been mentioned so often as an up-and-coming travel destination in recent years that it's hard to imagine it being underrated any longer. The word is out about Iceland. So if you like the idea of a northern Atlantic island getaway, but you prefer someplace off the beaten path, you should probably check out the Faroe Islands. Located almost exactly at the midpoint between the UK, Iceland, and Norway, these beautiful little islands are more accessible than they might sound. Rugged coastal areas, winding roads, and gorgeous seaside (and lakeside) views pretty much set the tone for a vacation focused on hiking and sightseeing, though the islands are also known for their own cuisines, as well as occasional events like music festivals.

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Travel Budget: $90 USD

Cambodia, the country I've been looking forward to visiting for this last year, came into reality as I visited it last month. Why do I love Cambodia? A bunch of reasons I have to share with you below that others should definitely know. :)

I Love Cambodia Because....

1.) is very convenient to travel from Thailand. From Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Train Station you may ride the Eastern Line and the trip will take around 5-6 hours. It's a third class seat and only costs 48 Thai baht ($1.50USD) but the seats are very comfortable spacious. Read more here: Train to Cambodia

Aranyaprathet Bound from Hua Lamphong
Aranyaprathet Bound from Hua Lamphong

Thailand Countryside
Thailand Countryside

2.) ...Cambodians are very hospitable and they always wear a smile on their faces!

Our Tuk-Tuk driver, Mr. Sokhom, was a very nice person and he share a lot of details about Cambodia's history. He is more concerned on his service to us rather than thinking of the money he will earn. He's such a very nice person! Read more here: Train to Cambodia

Mr. Sokhom: Driver Number 3609

Travel Tip

Hire a tuk-tuk for your one day trip to Angkor Historical Park. It is more afforable than multiple tuk-tuks and the driver can double as your tour guide.

The store vendors, shop owners, restaurant waiters and waitresses are also very kind. And guess what, they know a lot about the Philippines! The main reason is that Philippine TV shows are being shown here. Amazing!

3.) ...they have delicious foods. YES, the have very tasteful foods! Well actually the taste is somehow similar with Thai Food but there's a distinct taste I couldn't describe which made it more uniquely delicious.

4.) ...they have the world renowned Angkor Historical Park!

Angkor Wat
Angkor Wat

5.) ...the cost of living is cheaper than the Philippines! Siem Reap only has few skyways and highways, and they do not have any train system. A tuk-tuk ride would already suffice your transport needs. Tuk-tuk rides typically cost $1-2 USD.

Motorcycles in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Motorcycles are locals main method of transportation

6.) is simpler and slow-paced, which I perfectly wanted! Very simple life and simple infrastructures but very rich in heritage. Well, they do have KFC and other foreign fast food brands in the city, but local foods are still the best to try in town!

Kids in Siem Reap, Cambodia riding their bicycle after school
Kids riding their bicycles after school

Have you ever been to Cambodia?

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