Nowadays traveling without a smartphone is rare. The abundance of useful travel apps has completely revolutionized modern travel. From currency converters to language translators, there's an iPhone app for that.


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Backpackers have a tendency to collect SIM cards like bracelets as they wander from country to country. While this is great for staying connected, the biggest downside is that your number constantly changes. WhatsApp solves that by giving you one number that never changes, regardless of country. You can also share photos, videos, audio notes and even your current location, making it an invaluable tool when trying to meet people in a foreign country where addresses are not readily available -- or readable. Group chats make it easy to stay in touch with other travelers you meet as you each blaze your own trail through the country, meeting up again whenever -- and wherever -- your paths should cross.


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One of the best things about traveling is trying new local restaurants and bars. Yelp has amassed over 70 million reviews, photos and information on businesses, stores and venues worldwide. Their innovative search features make finding exactly what you crave as easy as a couple of taps. Want to know where the nearest open bar is? How about the most popular restaurant with locals? Let Yelp help. But the best part? Their reviews are more honest and contain much more useful information (such as wifi passwords, dish reviews, and recommended employee names) than those found on TripAdvisor.

iTranslate Voice

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For less than the price of one of those antiquated pocket translation guide books -- which by the way only work in one country -- iTranslate Voice allows you to instantly speak in over 40 different languages from around the world. Over the last few years the app has consistently gotten better and better and recognizing words and providing accurate translations. It also acts as an electronic dictionary, allowing you to look up definitions for individual words or quick translations for simple phrases. Users can also save important or frequently used phrases to their phrasebook, allowing for quick access to key phrases that might be difficult to remember or tricky to pronounce. As soon as you begin traveling with this app, it becomes indispensible!

XE Currency

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Since long before their were even smart phones, I've used XE for all my currency conversions. Their app offers up all the information of their site in a streamlined, easy to navigate way. Check current conversion rates between any two currencies on the planet, even track back through the weeks, months or years to see how a particular currency has performed over time. But beyond all that, with XE Currency you'll never be screwed over by a tricky salesman, dishonest currency exchange shop or shady taxi driver again.


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Postagram is one of the coolest apps you've probably never even heard of. What it allows you to do is take any photo from your iPhone -- or Facebook, Dropbox and a variety of other sources -- and turn it into a glossy, professional-looking postcard. This postcard is printed out and can be mailed anywhere in the USA for only $0.99 and is delivered in as little as two business days. Need to mail it elsewhere in the world? That's only $1.99, although delivery can take a couple of weeks depending upon the destination.


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Couchsurfing began as a web site that revolutionized the way backpackers travel around the world by putting travelers in touch with locals in 120,000 cities around the world. Locals, many of whom are travelers themselves in between trips, open up their house to foreign guests. Both gain knowledge and information about the other's culture, plus the backpackers get insight and tips directly from a local -- and a free place to stay! Win-win.

What other iPhone travel apps can you not live without when backpacking?

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One of the hottest social media sites on the internet today is Pinterest. While many associate the media sharing site with arts and crafts, the fact is that the social media icon has evolved and adapted to contain a multitude of useful information. In fact, Pinterest has become a valuable tool for the travel industry and anyone planning a weekend getaway or a long overdue vacation. Following along popular travel icons like yours truly ;) will provide you with plenty of travel inspiration and motivation from around the world. This information can reveal where to go, what to eat, and what to do when the time for the trip has arrived or make adequate plans in advance.

  Where to Go

All too often travelers flock to the same destinations year after year. Pinterest gives users interesting snapshots of exotic and domestic destinations that can light the fire of adventure in anyone. Since the site is visual in nature, some pretty impressive pictures can grab the attention of the reader. Plus, the information provided with the photo reveals all the necessary details about the location. Basically, the social sharing sight allows users to check out different aspects of a resort, city, country, theme park, or more before buying a ticket or booking a flight.

Pinterest travel boards

  What to Eat

A good portion of the fun of traveling is trying the different culinary treats at the destination. Pictures of food are not exactly new to social media, but finding out where the photo was taken, what the item is, and how it tastes is extremely beneficial to anyone planning a journey. Plus, it is even possible for photos of different foods to stoke the imagination, which leads to investigation about an eatery or cafe. Putting different foods or drinks on a taste list is a very real possibility, and getting peek at them beforehand is a major asset.

  What to Do

Pinterest is all about getting ideas. Since inspiration can strike at any minute, users are able to get an understanding of what an area has to offer in the way of entertainment and activities before booking the trip. While guide books and other media outlets have a similar approach, getting the opinions of other users or people that have actually made the visit can serve as a priceless source of information. Getting informed and checking out what the destination might have in store can reveal some hidden gems or off the map places that really can transform a trip into some great lasting memories.

In the end, social media is transforming the way a lot of industries do business. Businesses in the travel industry are just beginning to understand the power of Pinterest, and travelers are really starting to get a foothold on the site as well. Figuring out where to go, what to eat, and what do has never really been as fun as it is now. Strong visuals and an easy to use interactive format make Pinterest a must use website for anyone planning a vacation. Following the right accounts, companies, and users can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting new ideas on different destinations. In short, the photos make the site come alive, and the links provide some of the best information available to anyone looking to explore new territory or uncover a new favorite place to go.

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The most comforting factor in the world today is that everything is in your hands, literally! That palm-sized device clasped in your hand seems as if it has been sent from heaven to be your guiding angel. The icing on the cake is the applications or APPS (as they are called now) that once installed in your device can offer you a hassle-free getaway from significant day-to-day problems. These apps have made big things look small, for instance if you are in an over populated country like India where railways is preferred more than airways then booking a ticket doesn’t remain a piece of cake; however, a travel app here can act like a life-saver by helping you find the right train, giving you details about its availability and then finally enabling you to book a ticket without having to stand in endless queues. Now that’s the magic of what we call a travel app.

The year 2015 looks quiet promising in this regard; with the launch of as many as hundred travel applications and many more in the pipeline, 2015 will be the year that will keep all the travel related setbacks to a minimum. Here is why you should consider these travel apps as your ultimate travel guide in 2015.

Travel App as Your Guide to the Best Trip

Planning a short trip or a long vacation to a place you have no clue about? Well, let the travel app feature help you here. There is sizeable number of travel apps ranging from Trip Advisor to Instagram that helps you book the right flight at the right price and the right hotel within your budget. AND that’s not all; you can read reviews and recommendation from the travellers who have already been to this destination by using an app like Localeur. These apps like Foodspotting also help you find some of the best bars, cafés, eateries and places to hangout that too only at the click of a button.

Travel App as a Travel Expert

Once your travel destination is decided and your leaves are sanctioned, you can use your travel app to prepare a suitable itinerary for you. Just feed in your necessary details as in the date of travelling, budget and other preferences and Voila! Let the travel app like WorldMate bring to you the best experiences of the trip for you. The organized itinerary will help you manage each day of trip well without you having to waste time on what to do next.

Travel App as Your Weatherman

There are travel apps like WeatherPro and Marine:Europe that prepare intuitive weather reports and keep you updated with any threatening weather change, water condition and tide predictions. This app will you help avoid any unpleasant experience.

Weather Pro

Travel App as Your Packing Expert

Travel apps can also help you pack the right things for the right place. If you are crummy packer, who doesn’t know what all you will be needing on your vacation, then application like PackingPro can be your friend in need. All you have to do is to feed essential information such as what is your destination and for how long, this travel app can help you pack perfect with dividing the categories into, clothes, gadgets and other relevant items. Now isn’t this app an apple of your eye!

Travel App as Your City Guide

And never shall again you will be lost in an unknown land, promises some of the travel apps like AlpineQuest GPS Hiking, New York Subway and Waze. These apps offer route planner, maps and GPS tracker that will help you get the right and quickest way to reach a destination. There are apps like Hailo that are nothing but a life-saver, with you filling with all the information of the location; you can ask a cab to ‘pick you up’. So, you know, you are never alone and unsafe in an unknown city.

Travel App as Currency Convertor

In 2015, your travel app will do the math for you. Application like XE Currency helps you with conversion of currency that too by following few simple steps. This app uses the live currency rate and is absolutely accurate. On the other side, travel app like Tripulator is stylish applications that tell how much you need to tip in any of restaurants across the globe.

XE currency travel app

Travel App as Your Local Transport Guide

Looking for local transport to commute in the city you are vacationing in? No problem, travel app like HopStop can guide you around in return of few taps on your phone. Covering information on local transport options and routes of about 68 countries, HopStop is your stop-by-stop guide

Travel App as Your Interpreter

One often experiences the barrier of language when travelling to another country but with travel app like Lost in Translation things become quite subtle and easy. This amazing app comes equipped with 36 languages and instant voice recognition, also a unique feature that easily forward translation through emails and texts. Promising accurate translations, this travel app looks promising in making your abroad trips simple and fun altogether.

Travel App as Internet Guru

How all of us hate those unnecessary roaming charges while on a holiday. Well, travel app Onavu save your holiday to get ruined. Once installed, this app compresses the data that is required to perform any task (email and posting on social network sites) automatically while you are on roaming. So, now you can enjoy your holiday and post check-in status and share photos as many times in a day you want without having to think about the bill!

Travel App as Your Skin Care Expert

We were little indecisive as in adding this last type of travel app to this list but then realized its importance as it is a crucial app for those planning to vacation in sunny climes. Travel app like Sunscreen actually takes care of your beauty and health. The app allows you to calculate the UVI ratings and it alerts you when you need another slathering of sunscreen. One has to fill information as that of skin type and SPF of the lotion and rest you can leave upto this app.

So, you see a single travel app can work miracles to your holiday. Right from fixing your itinerary to making flight, bus and train bookings, from warning you about bad weather to taking care of your skin, these travel apps are really on the go in 2015. So, browse and select the travel application that suits you the best and enjoy hassle-free travelling all year!

Which of these apps do you use the most?

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Las Vegas remains to be one of the most popular destinations for travelers from all over the world. Statistics from 2013 showed that Sin City, widely known as the Gambling Capital of the World, received nearly 40 million visitors. With global travel becoming more affordable now more than ever, this number continues to rise, and Vegas remains to be a must-see among many travelers' books.

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

But it's always important for us to plan ahead, and with PEW Internet Research showing that 58% of Americans now own a smartphone, and Gaming Realms, the owners of mobile gaming website Spin Genie, saying that growth in mobile internet is the most potent force in the internet landscape, there's no excuse to not use them to plan your trip to Vegas.

Apps are now a huge focus for many tech companies today especially for niches like travel. So, with such a drive to create the most informative apps on the market, what apps are really catching the eye when it comes to planning for Vegas vacations?

Vegas Mate

Firstly, there's Vegas Mate, which is perfect for people who have never ventured to Las Vegas before, as it can prove to be helpful when trying to navigate the city. It's basically a digital travel guide that covers all bases including directions, restaurants, live entertainment recommendations and even helps you book a cab if you need to.

Open Table

Additionally, the app is also compatible with renowned restaurant app Open Table, so it'll aid you in securing reservation at any restaurant within the city. It's available on iPhone or iPad and is completely free. But the best part about Vegas Mate is that fact that the user can source information and articles from all the local newspapers if needed.

Las Vegas Guide

Also, there's Las Vegas Guide which is a GPS-based app that has all the facilities of Vegas Mate and more. During your trip, you can "create your own trip journal" within the app and log pictures. Read the thousands of user reviews from fellow Las Vegas Guide community members as well as reading up on facts about the city.

This app is also free to download and it works offline. Like Vegas Mate this is also a perfect platform the help you in booking anything from restaurant reservations; to hotels; to a day at the spa. It comes highly recommended and has a very large community of users.

If you have any useful Vegas-themed apps that have helped you explore the vast realms of the city, let us know!

Share your comments and suggestions below!

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Niel Race has spent the past three years visiting the world's most popular tourist destinations. Working as a digital nomad, Niel has found the perfect way to use his love for all things tech to make his travels easier and more organized. After spending the past two weeks in Las Vegas, he plans to travel to Angkor Wat in Cambodia for a change of pace.

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While looking at the best Android apps for travel purposes there are so many to chose from. I decided to eliminate from the list city guides, hotel specific guides, airline guides and the major reservation sites. I also eliminated all specific discount apps like AAA because not everyone is a member of such organizations. I instead focused on Travel Apps that everyone could use and for the most part can use worldwide. And they are all FREE.

Tourist Language Learn


A useful translation device that offers tourist phrases for situations such as transportation, dealing with airports, buses and taxis. It also has phrases for food and accommodations, emergency situations, greetings and small talk. The APP currently translates into Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Polish, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

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After traveling all day and seeing wonderful sights, taking photos and being awed how do you keep track of it all so you can get it all organized? This App is pretty handy it will let you record your trip and GPS geotag photos and videos. Write notes in the journal to describe experiences, share with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more or upload to your blog.

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Leaving work for the airport or don't want to leave your car parked there for weeks? What about when you arrive back at your destination? If you don't want to worry about a taxi or arrange to have someone pick you up this might be a good alternative They will provide door to door ground transportation in over 50 cities in the US and have now expanded to Paris. They offer email reservations and confirmations along with the ability to earn airline miles.

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Your on vacation and and you want to make sure the weather is decent when you go to that outdoor festival or reserve that spot on the fishing boat. A good weather app is essential and this is one of the better ones. It has all of the accurate and localized weather information and interactive features that you need. This full-featured app offers forecasts updated every hour, interactive Google Maps™, and severe weather notices. It also offers weather in 23 languages and social media sharing.

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Budget Places

You got checked in to a hotel and decided to hit the streets. I don't know about you but I like to walk around, explore the area and see what I can find. After a few hours I have to stop and kind of get my bearings, figure out where I am and where I need to be going. This little App does the trick. It is a navigation App that does not require any data traffic. When you leave the hotel you just store the location and when your ready to return pick up your phone and SpotOn will point you in the right direction. That way you can hit the Pub and have fun trying to read the little red dot after a few drinks.

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I know I said no reservation sites but I had to add this one. Here you will find some places not listed on the big boys. You can find and book budget places all over the world. Choose from over 5,550 establishments and book up to 12 months in advance. Show the confirmation on your phone when you check in. It's great for when you are traveling to multiple locations and want to find something at the last minute.

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Who doesn't use Skype these days? Probably one of the most essential apps you can have to stay in touch with everyone while on the road. Call computers, call others that have Skype, video chat and more. If you don't want to run up those roaming charges while out of the country this is the answer.

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ConvertPad Plus is a unit converter, currency converter, measures, temperature, length, volume and more. Difference between US and UK gallon? Got it. Kilometers to miles? Got it. Dollars to yen? Got it. It will give you real time currency conversion and comes in handy anytime you need to convert anything.

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Gas Buddy

Frugal Flyer

This App only works in the US and Canada. I use it and it comes in handy with gas prices being what they are. All you do is hit the "Find Gas near Me" function and a screen comes up with the name, location and price. It will allow you to screen the results from lowest price to highest. You can also convert that to a GPS navigation to guide you to the location. The App can be refined to show prices of different grades of gas and diesel. It will also allow the user to report and update the system so when you are filling up you can input the most current prices. Every time you report prices you become eligible for giveaways.

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I saved the best for last. Voted “Best Travel App” by October 25, 2011 this App gives you the best offers direct from the vendors website. Along with the best offers direct from the vendors it has phone numbers for all the major airlines, hotels, car rentals and travel agencies. You can find out flight statuses, store frequent flier, hotel and rental car program info. It consists of over 700 airlines worldwide, searches rental car and hotel info in over 40,000 cities and also stores boarding pass and passport photos. This is an all in one travel app for reservations and deals direct from the vendors.

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There are lots more that are city specific or brand specific but these are the best all around Travel Apps for Android that I have found. Do you have some others?

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