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Worldwide HoliDaze

Thanks to the increased convenience of air travel and the emergence of a common universal language to help navigate foreign terminals, extensive worldwide travel has become not only possible but more and more popular. Suddenly a trend that is as old as civilization itself has become more accessible to the masses instead of being solely a privilege of the most elite.

Even If You Cannot Travel The World You Can Still Explore Your Hometown!

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Cultural enthusiast and perpetual nomad. "Some people eat, others try therapy. I travel. You should too."

Destination Unknown


Professional career breaker. "No matter how we travel there is always further to go. The world is full of open doors."

The Traveling Fool


Traveler off the tourist path. "Do yourself a favor, get off the tourist path and explore a little. It can be very rewarding."

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  • Grab The Bull By The Horns!! Bullfighting in Requena, Spain
    Grab The Bull By The Horns!! Bullfighting in Requena, Spain It was about 9pm on a mildly warm Tuesday night when our bus came to a meandering crawl in Requena, Spain. This was not just any Tuesday night. It was the night before the annual tomato throwing festival known as La Tomatina. Tomatina was to be held in the small town of Bunol the following afternoon. That didn't stop the entire province of Valencia from joining in on the celebration, however. This was the night…
  • Headed to Mumbai? Keep Yourself Safe with These Tips from a Local
    (pic credits - http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/14/Mumbai_Skyline_at_Night.jpg) This coastal metropolis is India’s Gotham city. Home to more than fifteen million people, Mumbai shows extremes of both, debauchery and deprivation. Do not be surprised to find a custom-made Jaguar navigating its way through a street saturated with bicycles, foot-traffic and a variety of animals. The disparity of the city is as striking as it is omnipresent. Formerly known as Bombay, the city was rechristened with its original moniker of…
  • Five essentials to being a happy traveler
    Five essentials to being a happy traveler Traveling can be a wonderful experience. The planning before a trip gets you excited. You plan your every move right down to the restaurant you are going to eat on the third night of your trip. Everyone's going to be happy the whole time and there aren't going to be any delays or problems. First of the five essentials of being a happy traveler is that you cannot be hungry. This is a big one.…
  • Top Tips For Better Instagram Photos [Infographic]
    Instagram is a handy tool for travelers wishing to document their journey. Long gone are the days of buying disposable cameras or dropping off film at the developer. However the ease of this app can often be taken for granted. After all let's be honest: We've all seen some crappy IG photos. Don't be that guy. When you do decide to share something on Instagram, make sure it is truly worthy of being shared. This…