Deborah Cater

Deborah Cater

I love travelling. I love travelling by train in particular. I'm making my way across Europe in train after train, with the odd flight inbetween.

My travel methodology is never the same. Just as happy in a hostel with my trusty backpack as I am in a luxury hotel with Louis Vuitton trunks (if I owned any), on my own or with friends, no journey fits a template. It makes it exciting.

I moved to Spain to write my first book, a travelogue, City Chronicles: A Tale of Nine Cities. I have self-published and I am still enjoying Spain and have written aand published the second of the trilogy, City Chronicles: A Little Bit of Italy. I blog about my travels, writing, and life in general.

I am excited by the research that accompanies my books as well. With the knowledge that a degree in Humanities brings (literature, history and Classical Studies as specialities in my case) and an enquiring mind, I'm out to find the old, new and different in the world. Architecture, history and art adds colour to the different cultures I encounter.

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    The ancient civilizations in Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria etc
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    Like all travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen. - Benjamin Disraeli
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