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Recently discovered the White Owl Brewery in Mumbai, a warehouse-like brewery bistro located in Lower Parel at Indiabulls Center. The White Owl was conceptualized by two young entrepreneurs with fancy business degress from the USA who returned to India to set up the “Owl”. Their commitment to detail is evident by their teaming up with Obataimu Design Studio to engineer a rather unique creative concept. Right from the interior design to the menu, everything is beautifully crafted to suit the tastes of the young professional, bright-eyed entrepreneur and anyone with a free spirit.

At The White Owl, old world objects iconic of Bombay in the 1950's come together in unexpected ways. The space is an amalgamation of industrial elements with basic rudiments like antique smoked-mirror table tops and metal chairs combined with patent leather upholstery, creating a grunge yet chic atmosphere. The attentive staffs seem as though they have walked in from a '50s English movie. The music is modern and lively. As such, it is the remarkably eclectic vibe at The White Owl that sets it apart from the other restaurants and bistros in Mumbai.

White Owl Restaurant, India
White owl Mumbai India
Restaurant , White Owl Restaurant

Firstly, we liked the ambience of this joint. We like the fine combination of bistro and a micro-brewery like this, which was new to Mumbai. Chef Kshama is at the helm of White Owl’s kitchen which has char-grill as the main concept behind their menu. They bake their own breads, make their own dips and would start brewing their own beer, as soon as they get their license.

Here is the menu which was planned:

Restaurant, White owl brewery, India  Mumbai

For starters we had the Assorted Dips with House Lavash, Pesto Chicken Skewer, Beef Paprika and Cottage Cheese Chilli-Verde. The dips (carrot and cumin paste, labneh and hummus) were really good.

White Owl Restarunt, Review Mumbai, India

The Kingfish Chimmichuri was made well where olive pil enhanced the flavour, and the Pesto Chicken Skewer, being one of their signature dishes, was indeed sumptuous dish. The Beef Paprikawas way over-cooked, chewy and could have been better. The cottage cheese was cooked well, but the would have been better with more sauce would have given it better flavour.

White Owl Restaurant, Mumbai India

Next up was the Classic Grilled Chicken Salad which had chicken cuts and filling lettuce, followed by a Cranberry & Chevre salad, which is another one of their signature dishes -- and that was amazing. The combination of cranberry, goat cheese and parsley worked pretty well together and it was the best dish till then. Only one note though, the salad portions could have been slightly more.

Wite Owl Restaurant Mumbai India

We moved on to the main course which started with the Gourmet Potato Gratin which was pretty amazing. The caramelized onions along with blue cheese & chives is brilliant and adds a lot of depth to the dish. This was followed by the Gingerale Chicken & Asparagus which was another interesting concept. We really loved both the concept and the taste of the sauce but the chicken could have been cooked better. It was really dry inside instead of the moist, succulent chicken that we were expecting. The portions of all the mains were pretty good.

Next up was the Pepper-Crusted Rawas which in our mind was the best dish to come out from the kitchen that evening. It was perfect. The fish was cooked to perfection, the sauce was amazing, everything on the dish went well together as well as on its own and hence, we would call it a perfect dish. If you are visiting White Owl and had to try just one dish then this would be it!

Grilled Green Apple & Raisin Pie and Blueberry Cheesecake were the deserts for the day. The pie was really nicely done. The crust was baked to perfection and the green apple and raisin filling went really went with it. It wasn’t too dry or soggy. It was just right. It tasted really good even without the scoop of ice-cream it was served with. The blueberry cheesecake… hmm. Let’s just say that you should skip that and go straight for the pie.

We would say that White Owl is a nice place to chill-out and get a couple of drinks with friends and hop on to some great fish there. The starters could have been better and we recommend waiting for them to get their micro-brewery license. However we would return only to have their Grilled Green Apple & Raisin Pie or the Pepper-Crusted Rawas.

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