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Rose Martin

Rose Martin loves blogging on travel and fashion. Rose has a diverse background in writing travel stories and tips. Rose is also interested in music, fitness and art. In spare time, she loves to spend time with family and friends.

You can hardly find someone who does not like to travel. Some people get going whenever they have an opportunity; while others do intensive planning before embarking on their journey. The thrill of getting to know an unknown land, its people and its culture is amazing, so you should never leave an opportunity to explore an unexplored land.

If you are bitten by the wanderlust bug every now and then, then you must keep finding new motivations to visit new places and be prepared for new experiences. But traveling is incomplete without a suitable companion. So what would you do if you find no one accompany you? Fret not! Books make a great companion and can also keep you wanting for more. A good travel book can not only take you to a new place mentally but can also instill the desire to get out and get going to that very place.

So here is a list of five books that will keep your wanderlust alive forever:

1.   Into the Wild

  Jon Krakauer

Even though this is not a typical travel book, the story can become an inspiration for many. The main character of Into the Wild, young man named Chris McCandless abandons his life to become a vagabond and explore the American West. He also prepares to live amongst the wilds of Alaska, but destiny had something else in store for him. His journey took a strange turn and he perished alone in the wild at the back of an abandoned bus.

McCandless’ perspective of the society’s focus on wealth and materialistic happiness and disconnect from Mother Nature has shaken many people and it can have a deep impact on you as well. So if you want to experience a new perspective of the connection between man and wild, you ought to read this book. You never know, you might also plan a holiday to Alaska to experience the chills of McCandless’ journey!

2.   The Tao of Travel

  Paul Theroux

If you are looking for one book that has everything including travel advice, inspiration and the thrills of traveling, you cannot look beyond ‘The Tao of Travel’. In this book the author, Paul Theroux celebrates fifty years of wandering the globe and collecting pieces of writing from books that shaped him as reader and a traveler. Theroux is also credited for reviving the fortune of travel books in the mid 1970’s when the popularity of such books was almost dying.

The Tao of Travel is basically a compilation of the author’s favorite quotes, some of which are taken from his own books and some from other renowned travel authors. So, for a one-of-a-kind of experience, never forget to pack this book (along with a good map, as the author says in his book) when you are out on a tour on your own.

3.   The Alchemist

  Paulo Coelho

This is one the favorites among travelers; the story is about following your own dreams. A young shepherd boy from Spain travels to Egypt by following his heart. He goes with the flow and learns the meaning of life and learns to love as well. The Alchemist also includes several wonderful and inspirational quotes that will keep you on your toes.

Following your dreams is certainly the dream of every traveler and this is the reason why it has been one of the most read books among travelers in the recent history.

4.   The Turk Who Loved Apples: And Other Tales of Losing My Way Around the World

  Matt Gross

Written by Matt Gross, who worked for the New York Times as the Frugal Traveler, this book talks about his misadventures and lessons from travel. The ‘Turk Who Loved Apples’ talks about the author's journey that started from post-college stint living in Vietnam and ended as a professional travel writer. This is a book that talks about how a human being learns to deal with life when things don't happen as they were planned. This book also talks about the weird foods consumed by the author during his travel and includes details about the breathtaking sights seen.

The ‘Turk Who Loved Apples’ is a well written travel that not only helps you avoid the mistakes that can turn your journey into a nightmare but also keeps you engaged while you travel.

5.   Travels With Charley

  John Steinbeck

Ever thought of traveling with your pet? If your answer is yes, then you must read the book ‘Travels With Charley’ by John Steinbeck. It depicts the journey of the author with his pet poodle named Charley around the United States. According to Steinbeck’s oldest son Thom Steinbeck, John wanted to see his country on a personal level for the last time before he died. John Steinbeck did not let his wanderlust die till the last moment; so if you consider yourself to be a wanderer by heart, this book is surely for you.

No doubt there are several other books that can keep you motivated to travel around the world, but as a traveler you must never give up a chance to read the books mentioned above. Every book has a different perspective towards life and the author take cues from their own journeys to give a new direction to the reader’s lives.

So if you want to keep yourself motivated and experience the thrills of exploring new places, you must pack a good map and a good book every time!

When it comes to travel, it's better to be over prepared than not at all prepared. Faced with an empty suitcase, every man has at some point most probably asked himself, "What should I pack and what should I leave?"

Since there are a countless number of options to answer that question, instead here are a few of the most essential items every man should have with him while travelling. These are a mix of emergency items, toiletries, tools, medicines and some very basic items that most people usually forget to pack.

1. A Water Bottle

Hydration must be taken seriously, especially when travelling. This is because in a moisture free environment such as the one found in an airplane, the air tends to seek out moisture from any possible outlet. This means if you have dry skin, air travel will make your skin drier and those with oily skin will become even oilier as their skin will try to compensate for the lack in moisture. For this reason it's important to carry a bottle of water to keep your skin hydrated.

2. Sunscreen

A few decades from today, those around you that wear sunscreen on a daily basis will have skin that is in much better shape than those who don't wear sunscreen at all. Whether you are off to a beach location or up in the mountains, applying sunscreen is essential. Not only does it help fight skin discolorations but it also slows down the signs of premature aging.

3. Reading material

Whether it's your current favorite book, the latest issue of the magazine that you are subscribed to or a convenient travel sized e-reader, it's important to have something to do while passing away time on the way to your destination. Reading is a great alternative to playing a mindless game on your smartphone and can even make you less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease later in life.

4. Snack

Travelling can be tiring. With airports feeling like never ending walkways, it's easy for your sugar levels to drop suddenly and you never want to find yourself in a situation feeling faint with no immediate access to food. So keep a granola bar or some apples handy for a quick nutritious fix. If you are hungry in a hotel in the middle of the night and without a snack, there is nothing worse than having to pay for overpriced snacks that are usually kept in the mini fridge.

5. A change of clothes

Always keep a variety of clothes when packing. This doesn’t means packing every item you own into your suitcase, but instead it means packing smartly. This is especially important if you have a limited amount of space. Try keeping custom made shirts that can be dressed up or down easily. Simple jeans and sneakers can be worn practically anywhere, and lastly, a good fitting suit might be useful in case of a formal evening occasion.

6. Extra Earphones

For some people there is nothing worse than to be without their favorite pair of earphones. So when travelling, pack a cheap pair of earphones in the unlikely chance that your current pair gets misplaced or breaks. Always pack a spare set, even if it's a much less fancy pair than the ones you usually use. They may not be top notch quality wise but it's a better option than having no earphones at all.

7. Photocopy of your passport

To avoid a catastrophe in case you lose your passport, keep a photocopy of not only your passport but also your health insurance and any visa documents if you are in a foreign land. This will make it a lot easier to prove your identity and is also useful if you lose your luggage.

8. Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is a very handy accessory to have on you while travelling. If you decide to eat outdoors, for example a last minute picnic with friends or family, a bottle opener will certainly be handy. An alternative would be to pack a swiss army knife which has an endless number of uses. Just make that sure both of these items are packed in the checked in luggage and not taken onto an airplane.

9. Traveling Slippers

If you want to take off your restrictive lace-up style shoes once the plane takes off, carry a pair of comfortable shoes that you can easily slip on. This is especially important if you are travelling on a long or overnight flight where sleeping may be necessary.

10. Medications

It is wise to pack for travel to any destination and as such, it is important to pack anti-diarrhea medication. There is nothing worse than finding yourself in an unfamiliar land with no idea how of to get access to medicine. Your entire work trip or annual holiday could be ruined because your forgot to pack for such an emergency. Another important medicine to pack is a painkiller for those hangover induced headaches that are common while on holiday.

So the next time you have to take a work trip, a road trip with friends or an international holiday with your family, keep these 10, easy to forget items with you for a more enjoyable holiday.


What a great time to embark on a vacation, taking a break from the maddening crowd and the stress of everyday life! If you too are bitten by the travel bug and experiencing severe wanderlust, it’s the time to pack your bags and head to the destination of your choice.

Here are some quick travel hacks for your spring break.

1. Learn more about your destination: Before you visit the chosen destination, don’t forget to do a thorough research about it. Google everything you can, including the local food, unexplored locales, embassies, weather, kids or senior-friendly services and so on and so forth. You can easily find most of the information from a number of travel-based write-ups

2. Invest in technology: When you are traveling long distance, you may have to end up spending most of your time in flights/trains or waiting for them. So, make it a point to invest in – a portable charger as you can run out of battery and charging ports anytime, a tablet or an eBook reader to kill time, USB drive to store important data and for emergencies etc.

3. Install travel-specific apps: Apps make lives easier and there is no doubt about the fact. There is an app for almost everything nowadays and this includes travel-specific apps. Install some of the best ones out there to make traveling a breeze:

  • WeatherPro – Get weather updates on the go.
  • FlightAware Flight Tracker – Never miss a flight again by tracking your flight.
  • XE Currency - Don’t rack your brain for converting currencies and use this instead!
  • TripAdvisor - Get hotel and restaurant information and reviews, including images and videos.
  • Bravolol – Forget phrasebooks. Bravolol teaches you phrases in multiple languages.
  • Vayable – Explore any city like a local.
These are just a handful of apps that you can use while traveling. There are many such apps, which will be equally helpful for you. Search them up on app stores and you’ll get multiple options.

4. Get documents scanned: Traveling comes with its share of fun and horror stories. The latter often involves the theft of wallets, passports, IDs etc. Protect yourself against the thefts and losses by scanning a copy of your important documents and keep a copy with you in a flash-drive. Additionally, mail yourself the scanned version of the documents for emergency purposes.

5. Protect your gadgets: Just like documents, losing smartphones, tablets are also quite common for travelers. It not only causes a lot of hassles, but also stresses them out to think that their personal data will fall into the wrong hands. Protect your gadgets by following the instructions given in this write-up. Also, you should take a backup of all your data in the cloud or other gadgets back home, before the journey. This way, at least you can recover all your data!

6. Buy insurance: Both general and health insurance are a must before you take your next spring vacation with or without your family. They come with a number of riders, which are equally beneficial. Go through the plans before deciding and zero-in on the one that serves your purpose the best way.

7. Take early flights: More often than not, early morning flights help you avoid turbulence and thunderstorms. You are more likely to catch a flight that departs on time this way. And as a bonus, you can catch a glimpse of the rising sun and the breathtaking view (in case you have a window seat).

8. Make your luggage identifiable: Want to spot your luggage fast and easily? Invest in colorful luggage instead of neutral colored ones. Alternatively, you can attach customized luggage tags and even keychains to your luggage and prevent it from getting swapped or lost. It will also help you spot it easily during baggage claims. Even if you forget doing all this, as a last-minute resort, you can tie a handkerchief, ribbon, hair tie or a scarf to the handle of your luggage.

9. Pack smart: The best way to enjoy your vacation is to travel light. For this, you need to pack smart. Here is how you can pack smart for your long travel in spring break:

  • Keep a list of all that you want to take handy. You can use this list to make sure that you remember to pack everything before leaving.
  • Take an additional foldable bag with you. This can be used to bring back souvenirs and other knick-knacks from the place you are visiting.
  • Organize jewelry in pill containers.
  • Carry a straightening iron to quickly fix a wrinkled collar or a scarf.
  • Store your chargers, cables and earphones in glass cases.
  • Pack the shoes in a shower cap and keep them at the bottom of the luggage.
  • Use dry-cleaning sheets and tissues to prevent wrinkling of the packed clothes.
  • Try rolling up the clothes instead of folding them to save space.
  • Pack mini-bottles of cosmetics and pack them in a Ziploc bag. Contact lens cases are excellent options for packing makeup.
  • Carry some extra Ziploc bags, tissue papers and clothes hangers with you as they can come in quite handy.
  • If you are unsure about the weather, carry a lightweight umbrella with you. It will save you from both sun and rain.
  • Take more shampoo with you. It will double up as a liquid detergent in case you want to do your own laundry.
  • Encountering zipper issues is quite normal during travel. Fix most of them by rubbing lip balm or petroleum jelly on the jammed zipper.
10. Eat local: Eat local the next time you travel to a place as the benefits are many. For instance, you’ll get a taste of the culture, you’ll get seasonally fresh produce, you’ll support the local economy and most importantly, you’ll save money! Let’s not forget the fact that this way, you’ll also end up with some adventure and memories of a lifetime while exploring local cuisines. You can also enquire about the local farmer’s market and buy seasonal fruits and vegetables if needed.

These are some travel hacks for your spring break. Do you have any more hacks to share with us? We are all ears!

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