Sunu Philip

Sunu Philip

Hi, I am Sunu Philip. I work as the inbound marketing and creative director for Paradise Holidays, Cochin, a Kerala based tour operator. I choose this project because traveling is something I am passionate about and I can very easily connect with fellow travelers. I am a tasting different flavors.

Kerala is literally a paradise set in green! And Kerala backwaters is one of its unique attractions. National Geographic Traveler has tagged Kerala backwaters as one of the 50 must-visit tourist destinations in the world. 

The Kerala backwaters consists of a chain of Brackish lagoons and lakes lying almost parallel to the western coast of the state. These backwaters stretch from one end of Kerala to the other. You can enjoy the vivid yet varied glimpses of  Kerala culture when you are on a tour of its pristine backwaters.

Here,  I am going to take you through a photo journey exploring the Kerala backwaters.






Houseboat at Kumarakom backwaters


Kerala Country Boat


 The beautiful sunset from Kerala Backwaters lures you back. Each one will be different..and you just can't get enough.

  Hope you enjoyed this photo tour exploring Kerala Backwaters.

And please do share your experience if you had taken a trip through these backwaters...Love to hear from you.

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