We want to be CARIOCAS !

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Brazil is a magical place, in one sentence I would say we spent three amazing and psychedelic weeks. Everything is in profusion in Brazil: food, nature, caïpirinhas, … EVERYTHING! We found white sand desert, blue lagoons, sand dunes worthy of Aladdin, uninhabited island, we also discovered the jungle, paradisiac beaches and fresh coconuts! We have seen sea otters –we could definitely call them sea hyenas!- , caimans –a lot of caimans, like a lot: we did try to count them and stopped when arriving at 200 caimans around a small river, this is a true story-, toucans, aras, papagayos, capivoras… we fished piranhas and gave them to feed the sea hyenas, we did our first gallop…with a mule and no riding helmet, we have faced an ants invasion in one of our pousadas. Half short-sighted and without our glasses, we are quite sure we’ve seen a two colours anaconda. We lived in the middle of nowhere, spoke Brazilian Portuguese, we discovered a natural pink-clay cliff, we danced with butterflies, we’ve met crows in a Jesuit island, we were speechless in front of the kilometres of Iguacu waterfalls. Brazil, it is also girls with g-strings who assume their amazing body, muscled and tattooed surfers from Ipanema and the highest buildings from Sao Paolo, Capital. We can’t count caïpirinhas : lime caipi, mango caipi, pineapple or strawberry ones, we can’t count neither the hours spent in buses, the frozen beers or the kilo of amazing meat we ate. We count the feijoiada, the best mocqueca, the fried snacks and the too quick lunch breaks from our bus-drivers. We want more hammocks, more breakfast on terraces, we want to drink more half liter of fresh juice, read our Lonely Planet and be amazed by landscape. We want another samba lesson and we wish we could be lost one more time between all havaianas shops. We want to go back there saying Bom Dia to everyone! Brazilian people are so friendly and they have an amazing sense of rhythm – we really don’t. Sometimes we did not eat a lot because we were lost regarding our budget and sometimes we bought the best Chile and Argentinian wines because we were good with money. Brazil is so huge we’ll need six months there to discover everything. To conclude, these three weeks were perfect and we want to recommend to everyone who get the opportunity to go there. Actually these three weeks were so perfect we decided to go back to Brazil this summer! But this time, we will travel around a proper project: Let’s Cheyenne- Around the world and we will spend some time with an Indian Tribe in Amazonia… thanks to the amazing people we met during this trip! More info? Here! www.letscheyenne.com

Let’s Cheyenne –around the world is the hottest project of this summer: do you want adventure, culture choc, Indian Tribe, environment protection, new trends and hot start-upers? This is the right place! Between Amazonia, NYC and the West Coast, we'll make you smile, laugh, cry and thrilled!

Website: www.letscheyenne.com

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