Polar Bear Plungin'!

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Ice on the left (@dirtydryice) and Rome on the right (@santiago_slim) after taking polar bear swim Ice on the left (@dirtydryice) and Rome on the right (@santiago_slim) after taking polar bear swim

Attached is an interview we did for a publication called Haute Vancouver after we participated in the 92nd annual Polar Bear Swim. Please give it a peek when you get the chance. Thanks!

Rome and Ice

Give us the strength (G.U.T.S. as it is affectionately known) is a documentary style reality show dedicated to enriching the quality of viewer's lives by eradicating the preconceived notions of what has been deemed acceptable behavior based on stereotypes, fear and prejudices. The show follows the two hosts, Rome and Ice, as the travel the globe hoping to face their fears, embrace new cultures, and involve themselves in activities typically shunned by their peer groups. The founders of the G.U.T.S movement believe fear and prejudices prevent people from whole heartedly embracing cultural differences, thus greatly decreasing the overall quality of one's life. It is the hope of the movement that our viewers are inspired to open their hearts and minds to new ideas and opportunities. We all have to share this beautiful planet. We might as well enjoy each other's company while we are here. Thank you for your support.

Website: www.giveusthestrength.com


0 # Rome and Ice 2012-08-16 16:33
Thanks, Derek. We appreciate it. It was a great experience. By the way, as crazy as it seems, I recommend the polar bear swim experience to everybody! You don't have to dress up like a caveman to do it, were just weirdos like that, lol.
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0 # Derek Freal 2012-08-15 21:25
Hell yeah, fantastic interview! I feel like I know y'all a li'l better now hehehe. Plus you've got to love when an opportunity like that just occurs randomly and completely unexpected. Congratulations Rome and Ice, that's definitely one way to turn a great adventure into an even better one!

BTW, smooth answer on the meeting women while traveling question. We've got to keep that one under wraps ;)
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