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I would highly recommend visiting the iconic country of Cuba before Castro kicks the bucket. Are you American and think you cannot visit? Think again! No one enforces that ancient guideline anymore -- not even the TSA. Check the records: 0 people prosecuted ever. There was an attempt to fine one individual once, but the case was dropped. Here's a quick history lesson: the American embargo on Cuba began in the early when 1960's, when it became illegal for US residents and corporations to travel to or conduct business with the communist region. The government didn't want American money to go towards the supportof communism. However as the regulations were renewable, in 1977 President Carter choose not renew them and soon the ban on Americans spending US dollars in Cuba was lifted. Of course leave it to good ol' Reagan to reinstate the embargo in 1982. Since them, Americans have been discouraged from spending money in this communist country. But like I was saying, this is no longer enforced. You just have to fly through a gateway country first.

Holguin, Cuba. This was my first trip to Cuba and I had a few questions that even veteran Cuba travelers couldn’t remember answers to. What currency do I pay in? Do they exchange Canadian or American dollars? As a traveler, they will exchange your money into Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC almost 1:1). Cuban Pesos are local currencies that are not exchanged to travelers. We brought both American and Canadian currency with us and had no issues with exchange either at our hotel. However, they do not accept coins. Where do I get my currency exchange? Our flight was late at… KEEP READING
Personally, Cuba has been on my travel list for a few years now. When Jared and I were backpacking through Central America I tried to convince him we could fly into Cuba for a week, but he was too scared of getting in trouble. If you are American (yes, I'm guilty as charged), then the trick is to fly into Cuba from Central America. Do not try and fly directly into Cuba from the United States, Mexico, or Canada, as TSA officials are prevalent and customs officials will recognize that you should not be there. But if you fly into… KEEP READING

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