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A Day Trip To Tortuga Island May Be Just For You! Located in the Gulf of Nicoya, Tortuga Island is actually comprised of two islands with a combined total landmass of only about one square mile. But despite its small size, Isla La Tortuga is one of Costa Rica's most popular tourist destinations. We went with Calypso Cruises in a group of nearly four dozen, but there was also another similarly-sized group further down on the island. The island is home to a total of 12 residents. They are native Costa Ricans who subsist entirely off renting out beach chairs,… KEEP READING
If you should find yourself near Arenal Volcano, I recommend that you visit the Venado Caves, which are located about a 45-min van-ride south of La Fortuna. Officially known in the cave registry under its original local Indian name, Caverna Gabinarraca (well, what has been explored so far) consists of over 2,700 meters and is believed to have been formed about 20 million years ago. Believe it or not these caves were not discovered until 1945, although it was almost 30 years later before any extensive exploration was done. Even to this day there are still unexplored portions, as you… KEEP READING
Costa Rica's #1 Hidden Backpacker Gem Is The Perla del Pacifico It is hands-down the country's best hostel and a must visit for any travel lover! Located on a four-mile long sand peninsula, Puntarenas is a coastal fishing town that also supports a lot of tourism. While there we happened to stumble upon this magnificent mansion turned hostel on the northern shore, the Perla del Pacifico, my most highly recommended lodging option in all of Costa Rica. This place will shock and amaze you, instantly transporting you to a tranquil environment far from Central America -- you have to see… KEEP READING
One of the many murals in La Palma El Salvador. Despite being just a hop, skip and a jump from Honduras, the differences immediately bombard you once crossing the imaginary line which divides the two Latin American countries. All though in the same blood line, I guess you could say El Salvador is the better looking sister. But don’t get your feelings hurt Honduras, you’ve got a great personality. On the surface, it is evident. The majority of the roads are paved, the cities cleaner, and the people differ a bit in appearance. But these are just the obvious. Once… KEEP READING
I smile because it is the universal language of love. Carlos giving us the 101 on coffee production at the La Finca de Cisne. Honduras. The country of good intentions and genuine smiles. However marred by a bad reputation of drug wars, crime, and corrupt politicians, my one on one experiences with the people is what I base my opinion on. And it looks good, because the people here are some of the nicest I have ever met. Everyone says hello when passing, and a warm smile is usually always exchanged. My Spanish is not the best, however it is… KEEP READING
One of our latest and most spectacular trips was around and between the volcanoes Platanar & Poas. We started in San Ramon – a provincial capital approx. 1 hour west of the airport. “Esmeralda” (name of our old Land Rover) seemed to enjoy climbing windy roads through steep hills clustered with coffee plantations, small dairy farms and islands of pine trees, as much as we did. Should not forget to mention the delicious sweets sold by the locals in front of their houses. After about 20 miles the road makes a sharp turn on top of a mountain and drops… KEEP READING
My Initial Thoughts When I first entered the country was this place is straight up the Latino Philippines. From the house shacks to the crazy ass driving (saw three guys straddled on roadster motor cycle from the 80s today) to eve some of the food. Also a bit more expensive then originally thought even at the sodas etc in certain cities. Except for the landscape my god the hills craters mountains it feels sometimes like im in Avatar (no I don't remember the planets name sorry the story line sucked) or dragon ball Z just crazy mind blowing land. Of… KEEP READING
I left my heart in Costa Rica. It's true. I can not tell a lie. As the Summer fades away I can't help but be saddened by how much I miss Costa Rica. It's been a few months now since I've been home and back to the daily grind but almost everyday I think about Costa Rica and the children whose faces I miss (even when I didn't think I would). So while I've been having nostalgia for this awesome country I thought I might share with you the things I miss about Costa Rica and the things I don't… KEEP READING
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