How To Become A HoliDaze Author

Authors here at the HoliDaze are travelers from countries scattered around the world who all have varied upbringings and individual writing styles, each traveling to different places for different reasons. In fact you could almost consider the HoliDaze a kind of community blog, with membership open to all travel enthuisiasts. Whether new to foreign travel, a seasoned veteran, or even still in the planning / daydreaming phase, the HoliDaze is here to inspire you!

Registered authors can sumbit entirely new articles or even share favorite posts from their personal blog. Every article submitted features an extensive author bio block that includes blog info, social links, newest posts and more, making it easy for viewers to follow, connect, and learn about the author. Bloggers can also post an ad for their site in our NEW travel blog directory.

The whole process takes only a couple minutes and you can even skip the create user ID step by logging in via your favorite social network.

Just spend two minutes and...

  1. Be sure that your profile is filled out. With the exception of your email address, everything else will be in your public HoliDaze bio.
  2. Post at least one article in any section of your choosing. Each post will automatically include the profile information filled out during the first step.
  3. Use the Submit A Web Link option in the sidebar menu to add your blog/site to the HoliDaze travel network. Make sure to select 'Travel Blogs' as the category, so that it will get promoted on the right section. Your site will be published immediately in our directory.

UPDATE   This option has been temporarily removed pending updates to the HoliDaze blog network. It will be reinstated shortly. If not fixed soon then please contact the webmaster.

Simple enough, right? You'll be helping inspire and educate other travelers as well as increasing traffic to your own site. Writing not your thing? No worries, you are always welcome to post pictures or videos instead of an article. Just use the corresponding tabs to select whatever media you would like to share, it's that easy!

We will also help promote your blog/site both here and through our extensive followers on other social sites. The HoliDaze is also designed in conjunction with Google Authorship (if activated) to ensure that the author receives all credit for their work.

Sounds Good, I Want To Join The Community  

Are There Any Article Guidelines?

Article submissions are by HoliDaze definition a complete body of work such as a blog post that addresses the topic fully by itself. The entirety of the subject is located inside the article submission in full.

Submitted articles must be written by you the author and you must retain the necessary rights to such content. Copyright remains with you the author at all times. Plagiarized (i.e. unauthorized copied) content is not allowed and will result in immediate member termination.

Empty or incomplete article submissions shall remain unpublished for a minimum of thirty (30) days to allow the author time to update and publish their story. Any partial articles that remain after this initial period may be removed from the database if no attempt has been made by the author to correctly publish said article during that time and/or per HoliDaze staff descretion.

Articles which are deemed to be advertisements or self-promotional in nature, including those of inappropriate, irrelevant or otherwise unrelated information, will be immediately deleted.

Rules On Article Submissions

  1. All content in the form of Article submissions must be written by you the author and you must retain the necessary rights to such content. Copyright remains with you the author at all times. Plagiarized (i.e. unauthorized copied) content is not allowed and will result in immediate termination.
  2. Article submissions are preferred to be unique (original), by which meaning it does not exist elsewhere on the web at the time of publication on The HoliDaze. The sole exception are personal posts from the author's independent non-commercial blog.
  3. All Photos submitted alongside your article submissions should be owned by you or otherwise include links that credit the owner provided permissible in the copyright or creative commons license.
  4. Promotional articles are not allowed without prior written consent from The HoliDaze. To obtain consent, please submit a detailed request to Derek prior to writing article.

Learn More   Customize your posts with preloaded HoliDaze typhography options.

HoliDaze Policy On Links Inside Article Submissions

  1. Absolutely no affiliate links or e-commerce sites will be tolerated. This includes any and all online stores from to Best Buy online, auction sites such as eBay, and financial transaction services like PayPal.
  2. Lodging / Excursion / Tour Guide and other travel industry related links are acceptable, even encouraged. These services and functions are essential to the travel and tourism industry and as such we'd love for you to share some of your favorite recommendations with viewers. However, any which resemble blatant advertisements or are deemed to be self-promotional will be promptly removed.
  3. Link sparingly! Everyone can Google or check Wikipedia. That having been said...
    • Links inside the body of an article submission are only allowed if they are relevant to the topic or crediting a source or photo.
    • No excessive repeating of links to your personal site and/or domain(s). Said information is already contained in your (the author's) Article submissions and Profile page. Repeated links will be viewed as spam and treated accordingly.
    • Per Article submission you are not to exceed a maximum of four (4) Links to any one (1) Domain and said Link(s) must be relevant to the subject matter. (There is no need to link every city and/or event mentioned to it's corresponding Wikipedia page.)

Corporate & Industry-Related Web Sites   If you are in the tourism industry and wish to submit an article, we'd love to hear your input. However, what we do not want to read is a biased and self-promotional article advertising you or your business.   Be more creative than that!

Think of it as free publicity.   Plus you will doing your part to help inform and inspire others to explore this great earth, which you can consider your good deed for the day. See, now that's what we call a win-win situation.

So do you share our same love of traveling? Well then we would love to have you here at the Daze!

Count Me In!