I cannot express my fondness for Davao City. Even before I met my Dabawenyo beau five years ago, I have heard wonderful news about this paradise in Mindanao. My mom would often tell me that celebrities like Margie Moran and Dawn Zulueta resides in Davao City and one of my favorite fruits, pomelo (suha) are locally produced in Asia's largest city. One of my trips to Davao City brought me to one of the wonderful reasons to be (moreso to live) in Davao City. As a food columnist for an internationally published magazine, my editor-in-chief at 7107 Island Travel Magazine gave me a go signal to produce an article about the king of fruits - Durian. Rich and creamy in texture, Durian will always have a love-hate relationship with anyone who takes a bite at this exotic fruit. Quoting the author of Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain, "it's taste can only be described as... indescribable, something you will love or despise... your breath will smell as if you've been French-kissing your dead grandmother." Repugnant to many, but for those who appreciate its heavenly taste, despite possessing a striking scent, the Durian fruit is probably one of God's precious creations. In 1856, a British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace wrote that "to eat Durian is a new sensation worth a voyage to the east to experience... as producing a food of the most exquisite flavour it is unsurpassed." The abundance of Durian fruit in Davao City is truly amazing. What you can buy in Manila for Php250 per piece (USD6.25 approx conversion at Php40 per $1), I actually bought it for only Php45 (USD1.125). When Durian is in season (from August to October), this fruit can be bought for Php30 (USD0.75) to Php45 (USD1.125) per kilo. Durian, the king of fruits, is one of the reasons you would keep coming back to Davao region. I know I would, as there are numerous concoctions that Dabawenyos have made from this magnificent exotic fruit. This article was initially published at www.savvysojourns.net
Published in Philippines

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