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I call this article "Krakow Contradictions", but actually most of what I have to say about our latest trip to Krakow, from which we have just returned, is positive - more positive than ever. It seems most of the architecture in the city has been spruced up, maybe for the Euro football championship in June/July. In the main square or "Rynek", the red stonework of Mariacki church and yellow stucco of Sukiennice cloth hall shine particularly brightly. A new bar opened earlier this year on the roof of the Sukiennice from which you get a stunning view of Mariacki opposite.… KEEP READING
Again, based on my experience visiting Krakow and its environs over nearly 20 years, here are my Top 5 Krakow-based exursions. Some you'd expect, some surprises. Am looking forward to 4. and 5. myself next week, if the weather holds... 1. Auschwitz (Oswiecim in Polish) - this has to come first, for obvious reasons. It's impossible to describe it in a couple of sentences. I devote a chapter to it and the so-called "Jewish Question" in my book. Three tips: be in the mood to visit. I'm one of those who thinks everyone should go there, but if you're on… KEEP READING
Here's the second of my three Krakow "Top 5s", which I prepared for fans visiting Euro 2012 Poland Ukraine, but which is just as pertinent now; indeed, I'm looking forward to patronising these eateries very soon myself, when I visit Krakow end August - a nice time of year, the "Polska Zlota Jesien" or "Polish Golden Autumn". So, here are my top 5 characterful and affordable Krakow restaurants, based on 20 years visiting the city (and most of these have been there during all this time): 1. Hawelka - read more about this one in my book Polska Dotty. On… KEEP READING
Here are are my Krakow Top 5s, beginning with Attractions. Look out for further Top 5s, including Restaurants, and Excursions - soon! 1. Rynek/Grodska Street/Sukiennice/Mariacki - I start with a bit of a cheat, covering 4 items in one, but that's because they're all in one spot. They are the main market square (Rynek) and surrounds - the very heart of Krakow. Catch the Rynek as often as you can as events are always taking place there. Stroll down Grodska street and check out the objets d'art. Surprisingly tasteful trinkets are for sale inside the cloth hall (Sukiennice), but also… KEEP READING