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Currently Sochi is in the news for its upcoming role as the host of the 2014 Winter Olympics. In the winter of 2011, Sochi was a little more personal... Mostly because of its cheap flights to and from Moscow. Having a lot of free holiday time but not a lot of money, a friend and I decided that Sochi in the off-season was an excellent choice. In late December we flew into the local airport, Adler. The airport was small but modern – with an excellent WIFI connection (a pleasant surprise). As we stepped outside we immediately shed our jackets,… KEEP READING
Happy people don’t create anything. Strummer, J. Old John Mellor, (look it up) had a point, happy people don’t really create much. That is, they’re not quite as motivated, nor is it as easy for us to quite grasp the point of it. Look, I’ll give you a for instance: pain, addiction and mental illness gave us Crime and Punishment. Happiness and a contended life gets us The Adventures of Peter Rabbit. I think a man on a Big Wheel in Vienna once said something similar, and said it better. The point is that I’ve been late setting anything down… KEEP READING
'If there is a paradise on earth, it is here’. Some cities on our planet use this slogan to distinguish themselves from others. A rather arrogant and bombastic claim, in my opinion. And honestly speaking, in my experience it is always besides the truth. So far nobody came up with such a pretentious phrase for Moscow. As far as I can recall, Moscow does not have a slogan at all. Perhaps because nobody in Moscow dares to really start promoting the city? Or perhaps because nobody really seems to care about promotion? But why not? The image of overcrowded, big,… KEEP READING

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Traveling writer, photographer, and hand model with a deep-seated lust for BBQ pork.


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