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Well you would think after my last adventure I would be a bit more sensible on my next outing! But seeming sense has never been my strong point I decided to take a trip to the lovely Temple of Tod in the middle of the afternoon with the family!!

So off we went this time driving to Tod as the temple is about 10 miles out side Luxor on the road to Aswan, first of all we stopped off in Luxor to pick up the tickets from Luxor Temple then off we went to Tod.

When we crossed over in to Tod we all realized no one knew how to find the temple only that it was in Tod some where!! So we asked one of the police men at the check point who was unusually helpful and pointed us in the right direction.

As we entered in to the village it was like entering another world entirely even for me who lives in a remote village on the West Bank of Luxor. The people seemed untouched by tourism there was no hassle as the car drove past just mild looks of interest.

One of the Side Streets In Tod

As you drive around you are surrounded by mounds of sand and rock with the houses sourounding them you would think they would dig in to the mounds but they haven't really botthered!

After about 6 wrong turns and asking loads of people directions! (Question why is it when you ask an Egyptian directions even when it is quite clear they have no idea they still give you them even though they are totally wrong!!!)

Any way!

We find the Temple, from the out side there doesn't seem to be much its when you enter you see the temple for its utter charm.

The Entrance To The Temple

We were amazed by the row upon row of stone all with a hieroglyphic here and a picture there all unique. The problem with wanting to see everything is I tend to take my time looking at each individual stone to which Saffy asked if we were ever going to look at the temple itself!!

The Temple although small is just wonderful with only a small section still standing the depictions on the walls and hieroglyphics are beautiful. You can see the different periods in history and it is so very quiet that with a little imagination you can imagine what it was like all thoughts years ago.

It felt like the Temple had been opened especially for us there was no one else there but us even the Temple guardians kept their distance with no hassle at all!


Our First Look At The Temple

By now it was 12pm and the heat was starting to come in to the afternoon but that was not going to deter me from investigating further!

The Temple is dedicated to the God Montu and sits directly opposite Armont Temple on the West Bank and there really is a simlar feel to the two Temples. Like so many other Temples the village is built around it which makes you wonder exactly how much is still left to discover?

My two trouble makers loved the Temple and go looking round at the pictures on the walls my son thinks he is the king of the castle!!

King Of The Castle!

She Thinks Without Help It May Fall Down!

As we make our way to the rear of the main Temple Structure over on the left you can find the crypt which looks out of place as it is raised higher than the main building.

Everywhere within the Temple complex you can see date trees but the largest of these sits in the centre just behind the main hall. It is a wonderful place to sit in the shade out of the mid-day sun which was now makings it's way in to the 40's!!!

The children and I left everyone else (light weights!!) under the tree while we made our way to the back of the Temple we were rewarded for our efforts by the fantastic hieroglyphics on the left over walls.

Hieroglyphics On The Back Wall

The Wonderful Tree At The Back Of The Temple

View From The Back Of The Temple

As you can see from the above picture the Temple guardian always kept a respectful distance away and never tried to sell us anything!!

On our way back we walked around the far side of the Main Hall and saw two what look like the start of underground passage ways which are now mostly filled in when we asked about them we were told that they had been investigated by the archaeologists and they found the tunnels went on so far underground that it was unsafe to go further so gave up! Nothing makes me feel more like getting my shovel out than a story like that!! Have no idea if it is true but nice to imagine of course the children thought it was a great story and spent a lot of time looking at them in more detail.

The Mistry Tunnel!

Walking Back round to the main entrance we come across the real guardians of the Temple take a break from the heat of the day ready for their night shift!!

The Real Guardians!!

You know the time has come to go when you are producing enough sweat to power the Nile! And your hair that way sitting nicely earlier that day is now looking puffy and strange!

Hot Sweaty But Happy!!

The Temple of Tod was a wonderful place so if you have a chance go an visit it I would however recommend going early in the morning as even 5ltr of water can't keep you cool and that was drunk just by me!!


Lesley Hammam

Now in my 30's I have settled in Egypt with my husband & 2 children. Being married to an Egyptian for 15yrs is interesting enough but combining it with discovering the hidden Egypt life is never dull!!!

Website: www.alwaysegypt.com

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