That Time When I Walked On Water In Estonia

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So, where the heck is Estonia? That is pretty much what I said when I decided to go on a Scandinavian tour... by this I was thinking of countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. However, I ended up also exploring other countries as well... like Estonia.

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Just a ferry ride away from Helsinki, Finland I explored an unknown land to me. I started with my usual free walking tour (which I recommend to anyone that wants to get a good feel of their new surroundings while traveling) and was impressed with the very adorable architecture of the area.

After trying Elk Soup (which wasn't bad by the way), seeing Patarei Prison only closed in 2005 (truly a hell hole, and unbelievable that prisoners were held there), taking beautiful pictures from Kohtu Platform seeing all of Tallinn... I still needed something adventurous.. Something new...

Walking on water in Estonia in a giant bubble

So, I asked the free walking tour guide, what I could do, and he recommended going to Nomme Park and exploring... SO THANKFUL HE DID! Initially, I was just taking pictures of the cool scenery, but stumbled upon the adventure park.... and yes there it was A GIANT BUBBLE ON THE WATER!!!

Curious, I asked what it was for and the cost... and well let's just say... I couldn't resist. So there I was excited to get on the water, I envisioned myself just running all over the water...

Walking on water in Estonia in a giant bubble

I took off my shoes and stepped into this deflated bubble with just my socks on. Soon he started filling my bubble with air, as I sat there excited! Eventually he closed my bubble and set me sailing on the water. First attempt to stand, I fell immediately...Well, let me just say: it is a lot tougher than it looks (Kudos to Jesus!). I fell extensively, laughing and rolling as the young man snapping away and taking videos laughed with me. After quite sometime, many falls, and endless laughter... I WALKED ON WATER! How about that for a Bucket List To Do.... CHECK!!!

Walking on water in Estonia in a giant bubble

Sometimes finding that new thing to do is all about having an open mind and willingness to venture outside of the normal tourist areas. Ask a local, take a Free Walking Tour... some of my best adventures and activities definitely were not found on Google search... So if you want to walk on water, head to Estonia.

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