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Pools are a timeless feature that has been used on residential properties for several decades. As a common product that is used in backyards, they are known to offer plenty of fun for all ages. When you're looking to enjoy the feature, there are a few advantages that come with owning a pool. Cool Off in the Summer The summer season is known to have record-breaking temperatures, which can make it difficult to spend time&
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Going Off The Beaten Path in Jackson, Wyoming Jackson, Wyoming
Jackson is a unique and famous city. The area, collectively referred to as Jackson Hole, is like a bubble of flat land surrounded 360° by forests, mountains and national parks. The high elevation keeps the entire region cold at night year round and thanks to the rugged yet scenic terrain, the area is also famous for skiing. However there is much more to do in and around Jackson than just that! Jackson is entirely surrounded&
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Minimalist Travel Melts the Stress Away Minimalist Travel Melts the Stress Away
Traveling is an amazing adventure. There is nothing worse than your adventure getting put on hold or diminished due to a lost bag. That is why minimalist traveling is the only way to travel. With one carry-on bag, you can hit the ground running. This may seem daunting to the overly prepared traveler, but it actually takes some of the stress out of traveling. The key is versatile clothing. You need a few quality pieces&
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Looking For An Authentic Experience? Visit These 4 Countries! Mongolian countryside
The popularity of offbeat travel is on the rise. Whilst most people will share some of their must-visit countries with thousands of others, there will be plenty of places that offer an authentic experience that appeals to them, but not always the masses. That’s great news for you. If you want to get off the beaten track and get involved with local life, you’ll be rewarded with an experience unlike a typical tourist. That’s how&
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Offbeat Orlando: Unique Sights and Activities Ripley's Believe It Or Not! in Orlando, Florida
Orlando may be the theme park capital of the world, but there is much more to do in the heart of Florida than just wander around a sprawling amusement park. There's art, food, nightlife, and culture. After all that, if you still have the time and energy to visit an amusement park, then I'll tip you off to the strangest offerings in Orlando that you've probably never heard of. So come with me, let's drop&
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Best Destinations for Solo Female Travellers Best Destinations for Solo Female Travellers
Travelling solo can always be a challenge and a daunting experience. The sense of nervousness can be heightened when you are a female travelling going solo. While the world is a beautiful place, it can also be scary and you shouldn’t take security lightly as a female traveller. Nonetheless, when the travel bug bites you need to answer to its call and you don’t need to be too afraid of travelling around the world as&
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What to See and Do in Montego Bay, Jamaica Montego Bay, Jamaica
Montego Bay may not be the largest city in Jamaica, but it's certainly one of the most well-known, thanks to the classic 1970 song by Bobby Bloom, "Montego Bay." The city has been a popular tourist destination for decades, and for good reason. With year-round warm weather and gorgeous white sand beaches, Montego Bay calls! Hit the Beach After dropping off your luggage at the hotel, the obligatory first thing to do is hit the&
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Brooklyn Travel Guide Brooklyn Travel Guide
The distinct culture, deep-rooted history and magnetic energy of Brooklyn make it one of the most beloved and revered destinations in America. Celebrated around the world for its big-city excitement and unique brand of authenticity, this buzzing New York City borough--the city’s most populous--constantly attracts visitors from around the globe, and you’ll find amazing hotels in Brooklyn to fit your travel needs. Things to See in Brooklyn You should have no problem finding things to&
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Off the Beaten Track in The Bahamas Taino Beach, Grand Bahama Island
A hugely popular favorite with cruises and resort dwellers, you could be mistaken for believing that there is no stone left unturned in The Bahamas. However, these islands have a wealth of hidden gems which make them a must for anyone’s traveling bucket list. Photo via WikiMedia Underwater Plane Wreck If you’ve ever wanted to explore deep sea wreckages, head to the island of Norman’s Cay where the remains of a smuggling plane lie under&
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Flying Over Sydney Flying Over Sydney
Man's oldest dream has been to fly and thankfully nowadays this goal is within reach of each of us. Unfortunately flying is addictive. After that first plane ticket, that first view of the earth from above and all the people "like ants" down below, well then life on the surface will never be the same. At first it starts with window seats and a neverending gaze out the window at the terrain below. But eventually&
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