Who Is This Derek Freal Cat?

Derek is a cultural enthusiast and perpetual nomad whom loves adventure and doing different or unique things every day. He used to be a corporate prisoner, slaving away in a cubicle (not unlike many of you reading this) chasing that elusive "American Dream" but at the start of 2009 he said FUCK IT! Ever since he has been treading his own path and living day-by-day in the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

Derek "gets his jollies" by going places where he does not speak a word of the local language and must communicate with hand gestures, as well as places where he is forced to squat awkwardly to poo (supposedly its healthier and more efficient).

If you tell him there is somewhere he can't or shouldn't go, you can bet that's where he will head next.

The Most Interesting Man in the Universe has named Mr Feal as his successor.

He once drove over 2,100 miles (3,800km) in under 32 hours by himself and has countless stories from the road that he is unable to publish until the statute of limitations passes.

Last year friends informed Derek that he is "a little eccentric" and you know what? He was shocked and in total disbelief. But then again, does anyone actually realize when they cross that fine line into eccentricity? Regardless, his heart is true, his writing is entertaining, and his readers are some of the best and most loyal around.


What Has Derek Already Completed On His Bucket List?

  See an active volcano.   Hawaii, and yes it is even more spectacular than you can imagine.
  Bicycle down a volcano, preferrably not an active one.   Haleakala on Maui
  Work on a marijuana farm in California.
  Drive from the West Coast of USA to the East Coast, and then back.   32 states covered.
  Injest unknown hallucinogens with locals in a foreign country. NOT freak out while tripping balls.   Mexico, Guatemala, Panama...
  Get raped by a woman.   By a cougar in Dallas, Texas at the ripe old age of 18
  Smuggle something illegal into (or out of) a foreign country.   Wait...before I write about this, which countries have a statute of limitations and which do not?
  Spend a full summer following a band or traveling to different music festivals.
  Move abroad.   Japan, 2008 -- that is what originally started my nomadic lifestyle.
  Visit all those normal sights that people put on their boring "traditional" bucket lists, thus leaving my bucket list free for gnarly and unimagineable adventures.
  Get interviewed and on the evening news.   Tennessee, because of our Future bus -- following in the steps of Ken Kesey and the Furthur bus.
  Try living in the middle of nowhere with no electricity and no running water.   Philippines. This will really teach you a lot -- primarily how priveleged you are to be born in the western word.
  Stay in a multi-million-dollar penthouse overlooking Central Park.   NYC is only fun when you're on top!
  Get arrested in a foreign country.   Mexico. We were young, cops liked our bling. I learned a lot -- but apparently not enough as I have since been locked up abroad in two other countries.
  Be blacklisted from ever returning to a country.   Err...kind of. Let me explain:
Due to certain activities that were written about on my blog before it evolved into this site, I have been notified that it is in my best interests that I never set foot in this particular country again. While the lengthy memorandum went on to inform me of all the offenses committed and that my name has been placed on some sort of immigration watchlist, it was written by an employee of the state and not a lawyer; therefore, I doubt its authority. As a matter-of-fact, to me this is nothing more than a challenge to get back into that country and then say "Haha I'm back!" Update: Accomplished! But then three months later I was blacklisted from another country.

As you may have guessed from that list, Derek is an adventurous traveler. He prefers the path less taken and only rarely can be spotted at the tourist hotspots like the Eiffel Tower or Stonehenge.

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