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    What's the most insane thing you can do on three wheels? Race 3,000km across India in a rickshaw with no route, just a starting and ending city.

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    Instead of producing videos for clients, now I'm going to start producing more for The HoliDaze.

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Unique and offbeat global travel tips, advice, photos, videos, information and reviews. Luxury or budget travel, here both can escape the guidebook.

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The HoliDaze off-the-beaten-path travel guides

The HoliDaze Offbeat Travel Guides

A collection of travel guides to places not covered in the guide books ― because all good travelers know that once you ditch the guide book, the real adventures begins!

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Unique & Offbeat Global Travel Guides

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You'll never know what you are missing if you don't get off the beaten path. So come and join us, and make your future holidays unforgettable holidaze!

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  • 5 Books to Keep You Motivated to Travel
    Written by
    5 Books to Keep You Motivated to Travel You can hardly find someone who does not like to travel. Some people get going whenever they have an opportunity; while others do intensive planning before embarking on their journey. The thrill of getting to know an unknown land, its people and its culture is amazing, so you should never leave an opportunity to explore an unexplored land. If you are bitten by the wanderlust bug every now and then, then you must keep finding…
    in Travel Inspiration
  • Surprisingly Fun Towns You Don’t Want to Miss Like Lake Geneva, Wheeling, and More
    Written by
    Surprisingly Fun Towns You Don’t Want to Miss Like Lake Geneva, Wheeling, and More New travelers might be tempted to leave small town America off of their travel wish list. It's easy to think that lesser known cities don't have the draw that larger ones do. However, small cities offer more than meets the eye. Here are a few cool spots that I've recently discovered. I think you'd enjoy a visit to any one of them. Photo by Sarah via Trover Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin Fire-breathers, glass walkers, and human…
    in United States
  • Tripper: Offbeat Attractions in Flagstaff, Page, Yuma, and more
    Written by
    Tripper: Offbeat Attractions in Flagstaff, Page, Yuma, and more By means of a strange acculturation process while growing up, I'm more connected to the American culture than I am to the Portuguese. As a result, the United States is high on my list of countries to visit (and the list of offbeat attractions grows with it). I'm still in the romancing phase, but I'm already liking my odds in Arizona and in Pasadena. I have my eye on several attractions in these areas and…
    in United States
  • Become a Master at Social Media
    Written by
    Become a Master at Social Media There are many difficulties in regards to owning a business. In the current day and age, there are millions of other companies out there all trying to get the attention of the public. The best way for you to make a name for yourself is by making sure that you take advantage of what the age of the internet can do for your company. Social media is going to be your best asset when it…
    in Miscellany Articles
  • Travel Moments in Time: Cheap Hotels in Ithaca, Gaithersburg, Dover and more
    Written by
    The U.S. has many wonderful cities in the Northeast that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. They offer several entertainment options, as well as educational attractions. Here are five great places to discover, whether you travel for business purposes or you take a leisure trip: Ithaca, New Haven, Dover, Braintree, and Gaithersburg. Braintree, Massachusetts As the birthplace of John Quincy Adams (the sixth President of the United States), William Rosenberg (founder of…
    in United States
  • Airbnbs: Breakout Star of Spring Break 2016
    Written by
    Airbnbs: Breakout Star of Spring Break 2016 Ah, Spring Break. That annual week of respite from school, from work, from responsibilities. (Hey, we can dream, right?) The point is, Spring Break is for everyone– not just coeds. But since the holiday is so widely marketed to college students, we wondered whether traditional party locations really dominated the Spring Break vacation market and how the rise in popularity of vacation rentals such as Airbnb affected hotel bookings. To find out, Hipmunk analyzed the…
    in Travel Tips
  • Live Life King Size in Monaco
    Written by
    Live Life King Size in Monaco The very mention of Monaco evokes images of glamorous ladies in evening wear escorted by dashing gentlemen to the tables at one of the many casinos in this small country. Monaco is also known for its Formula One Grand Prix, besides being a popular tax haven for the rich and famous, as well as the rich and not so famous. Glitz, glamour, and the spectacular landscape are all reasons to add the country to your…
    in Monaco
  • Project Domestication: Adventures in Amarillo, McAllen, Irving, and More
    Written by
    Project Domestication: Adventures in Amarillo, McAllen, Irving, and More Make some late summer or early trip plans to explore Amarillo, McAllen or Irving, Texas or skip over the ocean to Puerto Rico for an adventurous time in Fajardo. Amarillo, Texas Start planning the perfect fall trip to Amarillo. This time of year brings much more mild temperatures in the Panhandle town. Driving on Route 66, horseback riding, and visiting the Texas Air and Space Museum are just a few activities to get you started…
    in United States
  • Oh, Canada! Hipmunk’s Guide to The Great White North
    Written by
    Oh, Canada! Hipmunk’s Guide to The Great White North From the famed ski slopes of Whistler to the roaring majesty of Niagara Falls, some the world's greatest travel destinations are just north of the border, in Canada. With an overload of Canada travel options, which of these destinations are most popular among travelers? Hipmunk analyzed its travel data from 2015 to find out. The 25 cities below make up 80 percent of all hotel accommodations in Canada. We also included their average hotel and…
    in Canada
  • The World Pursuit: Chilled Out Hotels in Gainesville, Panama City, and More
    Written by
    The World Pursuit: Chilled Out Hotels in Gainesville, Panama City, and More Many vacationers in the United States head south during the summer months to the most southeastern state of Florida. Florida offers many exciting attractions to offer tourists during all parts of the year. With mild winters and sunny summers it's no wonder it's called "The Sunshine State." If you want to spend some days chilling out in the sun and getting a tan, here are some good recommendations for laid back hotels. Party the Day…
    in United States