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A collection of travel guides to places not covered in the guide books ― because all good travelers know that once you ditch the guide book, the real adventures begins!

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Unique & Offbeat Global Travel Guides

Encouraging people to travel beyond the guide books, the HoliDaze is a collection of over 100 authors inspiring and educating global travelers.

You'll never know what you are missing if you don't get off the beaten path. So come and join us, and make your future holidays unforgettable holidaze!

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  • 5 Ultimate Budget Vacation Destinations for This Summer
    As the sultry summer rolls in, the desire to travel peaks for many. According to a TripAdvisor survey, the largest travel site of the world, 67% of U.S. travelers are planning to embark on an international leisure trip this year. In 2014, only 50% of the travelers were reported taking one. The survey also revealed that 95% of travelers from the country have plans for a domestic trip this year. The survey features 44,000 global…
    in Travel Tips
  • The Top Pet Friendly Hotels in Florence, Italy
    The Top Pet Friendly Hotels in Florence, Italy Florence is a romantic and timeless city, rich in historical and cultural significance. Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello (no, not the Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles -- the famous artists from the 1400's) all help put Florence on the map. For hundreds of years, the city was a cultural and economic powerhouse known for its artwork. Nowadays this city is one of Italy's most romantic destinations and a must for all couples traveling to Tuscany. For…
    in Italy
  • Hipmunk City Love: San Francisco's Coolest and Quirkiest Hotels
    Hipmunk City Love: San Francisco's Coolest and Quirkiest Hotels California is known around the world as being a mecca for forward-thinking movements and people, but San Francisco in particular stands out from the rest of the state. The city is a hotbed of art and independence, as well as being the home to countless green movements and corporations. As such it should be no surprise that the hotels in San Francisco are likewise amazing and unique. The next time you are passing through San…
    in United States
  • A First-Timer's Guide to Vienna
    A First-Timer's Guide to Vienna Vienna is rich in both food and culture, but there is much more than that driving tourists here. Overwhelming history. Amazing coffee. Excellent shopping. Countless nearby vineyards. As Austria's capital and largest city, there is something for everyone here. That is undoubtedly part of the reason the city has become a favorite of so many travelers through Central Europe. However, for all you first-timers out there, I've got a few tips and suggestions for you.…
    in Austria
  • Hipmunk City Love: Bangkok's Most Iconic Hotels
    Hipmunk City Love: Bangkok's Most Iconic Hotels Neon lights. Captivating culture. Delicious food. Overwhelming nightlife. Bangkok is the Las Vegas of the Far East and a popular tourist destination. The city is the gateway of the Land of Smiles and visited by millions annually. While the city can be done on a budget, to truly experience all that Bangkok has to offer — both good and bad — visitors need an exceptional hotel with a great location. Tower Club at Lebua With…
    in Thailand
  • San Diego's Coolest Offbeat Sights and Activities
    San Diego's Coolest Offbeat Sights and Activities San Diego is one of California's most entertaining cities. It can be exciting or relaxing, fun or mischievous, but always an enjoyable and delicious time. While many people come here for the weather and beaches, there is much more to San Diego than shoreline. Check out these offbeat sights and activities to make your next trip to "the Plymouth of the West." Experience "The Most Haunted House In America" Never heard of the Whaley House?…
    in United States
  • A complete Travel Guide for Leh Ladakh:
    A complete Travel Guide for Leh Ladakh: Leh is located at about 3,500 meters above sea level in the corner of northern India, to be precise in Ladakh near the Indus Valley. It's the most common and most beautiful entry point to the Ladakh region. It is one of the most popular Kashmir Tour Packages. Surrounded by two of the world's largest mountain ranges and also surrounded by alpine desert; Leh's dry, barren landscape is rich in historic Buddhist monasteries that make…
    in Travel Tips
  • Hipmunk City Love: New York City in 48 Hours
    Hipmunk City Love: New York City in 48 Hours So you're passing through the fabled New York City but you only have 48 hours in the Big Apple. How can you make the most of this glorified layover? For starters, by booking the cheapest hotel and spending as little time in it as possible. New York City is expensive and there is a never-ending supply of new places to explore, things to experience, and of course food to eat. So save some money by…
    in United States
  • Houston's Most Luxurious Hotels
    Houston's Most Luxurious Hotels Houston is a more exciting city than most would expect. There are plenty of great outdoor activities during the summertime and plenty of offbeat sights and activities available year-round. Houston is also a great destination for foodies because the has a vast selection of quirky and delicious restaurants. The city is also home to an ample supply of kid-friendly and pet-friendly hotels. And while it is possible to travel Houston on a budget, the city…
    in United States
  • Planning a Destination Wedding on a Budget? Here Are 5 Countries to Consider!
    Planning a Destination Wedding on a Budget? Here Are 5 Countries to Consider! If you've always wanted to have a destination wedding, nothing should stop you from getting married in style. Even if budget woes are worrying you, you can exchange your vows in a beautiful location without breaking the bank. Don't worry; a budget destination wedding doesn't have to look cheap just because you're putting in less money. Just like cheap wedding suits can ooze style when perfectly tailored, a budget destination wedding can look sophisticated when…
    in Travel Tips