Berlin, du bist unvergesslich (you are unforgettable)

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The Fernsehturm in Berlin, Germany The Fernsehturm in Berlin, Germany Heather Berghmans




The fashion world is used to the street trend exposure of international cities such as New York, London, and Paris, but one budding hub that seems to often be overlooked is the unique fashion trends of Berlin.

 The streets of Berlin, Germany. By Heather Berghmans

Berlin holds an undeniable fascination, a divided and reunited city heavy with history, brimming with creativity, that accepts all and judges none. In the past few years, this aura has drawn new people from all over, who have moved to the city, and who are developing their own trends locally. While Berlin is one of Europe’s largest cities, it is still a relatively poor city in comparison. This reality allows individuals to still make a name for themselves, while the high street is around the corner.

The trends over the past few years have continuously been going towards the collective past, while at the same time incorporating new touches. The streets of Berlin are this exact definition. In a place where this season the 1970s hipster-casual is the norm and the brightest accents you find are touches of florescent, the more wild a style is, the more the streets accept it.

On Sundays, when the sun is out, you will encounter artists of every medium as you take a short walk to your local park. Once there, flohmarkts (flea markets), alive with art and character, line the sides of the area filled with booths from local designers and artists who enjoy making their names here. You can always find a large selection of Russian inspired gaudy jewelry that may or may not have been made out of recycled metals, yet still looks charming and dainty enough for anyone who strolls past it. If you’re lucky, one of the old boot-ladies will be there to meet your thrift shop-look needs with her leather boots that are most likely from the Soviet Era, yet are still in perfect condition. There’s even a man from Thailand who will weave you an elf-style hat from hand.

The flea market in Mauer Park, Berlin, Germany

And yet Berlin still has more to offer. Streets are lined with glamorous restaurants serving food from every country on the planet, bars and clubs that, despite their sheer number, have completely different personalities, and eclectic art studios and coworking spaces all exist amongst each other. The beautiful creatures inside these places are usually adorned in Berlins welcoming and encapsulating black leather, or knit, or lace, so long as it be dark. High-heels prove difficult on Berlin’s extremely uneven cobblestones, but in the right places, you can still find those brave enough to venture out in them. The clubs here are notorious for their long hours, with some opening on Thursday and not shutting the doors once until Monday morning comes. The scenes this world welcomes and creates is one of individuality in the most hip, yet comfortable, way you will find emerging amongst the global cities.

A club in Berlin, Germany. Photo by Heather Berghmans

Some people may find Berlin dark, due to the unfinished or empty buildings looming over the streets, while others find it beautiful. The same can be said about the street fashion. The lack of color in everyday wardrobes can sometimes make those with bright spring jackets stand out especially.

People come to Berlin deliberately, and others find themselves here accidentally. No matter what, all agree that the city is unique and ever changing, mixing fashion with music with art, and in the end, the trends you get are certainly wunderbar.

Mauer Park Berlin, Germany. Photo by Heather Berghmans

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