Exploring Kos: Antimachia Castle (& The Funniest Little Man on Kos)

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As I walked up to the entrance of Antimachia Castle, I heard a voice call out:

"Ya Svenge?"
"Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"
"Australian, mate?"

The little man was a character straight from the pages of history. Part court jester, part musician, all personality. He was dressed in a native, medieval costume to match his surroundings, this guy was the official greeting party for the Fourteenth century Antimachia Castle.

"English? I speak all language! Tell me, where you are from?"

I laughed at his persistence as I walked up the stairs to enter the Castle.


"American! Ah, U-S-A. Not very many Am-reekans visit Kos. Welcome!" He extended one leg in front of him and bowed from the waist with a flourish of his outstretched hand, then up he went, spry as a mouse and did a little jig, picked up a weird little triangle-shaped guitar and strummed a little tune.

The man must have been pushing 65.

"Thank you." I smiled, snapped a photo of him and dropped a few Euro into the tip basket on the ground next to the main entrance of the Castle before continuing inside.

As far as medieval castles go, Antimachia was pretty darned cool. It was in fairly good shape, having been excavated and somewhat restored. The size of the castle is deceptive. It's huge, but it doesn't look quite so large from the outside:

I blame the optical illusion on the goats. You see, the only thing around the castle for miles and miles is goat pastureland. If there were something (another building) standing nearby, one might actually get a better idea at the scale of the place.

Inside of the castle you'll find quite a variety of things to see: a jailhouse, some very cool ruins, a chapel (that is actually still in use to this day!) And one of the most striking viewpoints of the entire island.

Footpath through what remains of the interior of the castle, looking out on the sea...

The Chapel

Even the jail has a great view

Great castle. But all in all, it may have been the little man who was the highlight of my day.

-You'll need a vehicle to get to the Castle from anywhere on the island.
-Cost: Free (but feel free to tip the awesome old man)
-Take: Sunscreen. Water. A Hat. (Seriously. Brutal sun.)
-Don't: Hit the freerange goats in the road on the way to the Castle.


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0 # Christy 2012-07-26 17:47
Glad you enjoyed it! Totally agree. It's the details that make anything memorable. That little old man was one for the memory banks, for sure. :)
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0 # Jared 2012-06-20 08:15
That article had me laughing the little guy seems straight out of a Mel Brooks movie! I love when unexpected little details end up making a trip extra memorable...
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