How Do You Travel?

And What Do You Travel For?

The HoliDaze Travel Guides -- know before you goThe HoliDaze travel guides -- know before you go

HoliDaze Guides

A collection of location and topic specific guides full of tips, advice, photos and suggestions.

The HoliDaze guides to UNESCO sites around the worldGuides to UNESCO sites around the world


Articles written about specific UNESCO World Heritage sites located all over the globe.

The HoliDaze guides to getting off the beaten pathRevealing locations that only the locals know about

Offbeat Travel

Ditch the guidebook and get off the beaten path -- here are insider tips on how and where to do it.

The HoliDaze adventure travel articles and photosAdventure travel articles and photos

Adventure Travel

Have a more exciting trip -- after all, who doesn't need a little extra adventure in their life!

The HoliDaze motorcycle travel tips and guidesHow-guides on motorcycle travel

Motorcycle Travel

Useful regional guides on how to safely travel by motorcycle and what you need to know.

The HoliDaze cultural travel tips and adviceHow to travel like a cultural enthusiast

Cultural Travel

If learning about the local culture isn't one of the reasons you travel it really should be!

The HoliDaze budget travel guidesThe HoliDaze budget travel guides

Budget Travel

How to get the most bang for your buck and learn to wander the globe on a budget like a seasoned professional.

The HoliDaze luxury travel guides and recommendationsLuxury travel guides and recommendations

Luxury Travel

When nothing less than five-star luxury will do, here is where to go and how to pamper yourself.

The HoliDaze long-term travel survival guidesLong-term travel survival tips and advice

Long-Term Travel

Travel plans rarely go as planned. Anyone traveling for a long time needs to know how to survive when shit goes wrong.

The HoliDaze collection of day-trip guidesA collection of day-trip guides

Weekend Travel

For those with full-time jobs, sometimes day-trips and weekend getaways are the most you can get.

The HoliDaze posts on family travel and recommended destinationsPosts on family travel and recommended destinations

Family Travel

Just because you have a family does not mean you can't travel -- find out how and where here.

The HoliDaze collection of posts on student travelThe benefits of student travel

Student Travel

Studying abroad is the best decision you can make. It will be the most rewarding experience ever!

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