Keeping The Kids Entertained In Limerick

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It's not easy to keep the kids entertained on a family trip, especially when the grownups would like to see things that interest them as well as pleasing the little ones with fun activities. The trick is to find a good balance of activities – match a sightseeing trip with a fun-filled one that the children will relish in. Wherever you choose to visit with our brood, the same method can be applied; just make sure the kids know that after being dragged around ancient ruins or a cultural museum, they will have something fun for them too!

If you're heading for the Irish city of Limerick for a few days, you can guarantee that this balance of activities will be entirely possible. Book your family into one of the affordable hotels in Limerick that has a family room and settle in for the duration of your stay. Whether you choose to stay within the city limits or you're planning to venture a little further afield, having somewhere snug and comfortable to come back to is always a pleasant prospect.

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While the grownups may love visiting the Hunt Museum or joining an Angela's Ashes Walking Tour, make sure you consider the young ones too – don't expect them to walk for miles every day because before long, you'll see a change in temperament and they won't be very agreeable at all. Instead, incorporate some child-friendly activities so that they can keep their spirits up too.

Luckily, Limerick is full of things that the kids will love to partake in. Whether it's pretending to be knights in the grounds of the 13th century King John's Castle or any of the following ideas, if your kids are happy, you will be too.

Other ideas include:

  • An afternoon at the People's Park playground – let them run off some steam!
  • Buttercup Farm in Croom, which has a wide selection of farm animals to see, feed and touch.
  • Catching a film at the Limerick Omniplex.
  • A visit to Craggaunowen, an award winning archaeological site, 30km from the city in County Clare.

However you choose to pass your time, Limerick and beyond are great places for quality family time.

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