I never thought that dining at Liliw, Laguna would be as pleasant as dining in a reputable restaurant in Manila but at an absolutely cheaper price tag for every dish in the menu. At first sight, I was intrigued with their appetizer Fried Tofu Teriyaki. I have always loved fried tofu but I usually dip tofu in my mom’s delicious blend of sauce – soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and lots of garlic. So it came as a surprise that it could be mixed with teriyaki sauce. Covered in layers of flour, eggs and breadcrumbs, the crisp fried tofu was topped with teriyari sauce. It was simply divine. And at Php50 per serving, I was in tofu haven. I almost finished the entire serving while Mike was taking photos of the other dishes. Ooops, sorry Mike!




Six dishes at their seafood selection and I got to try Thai Tilapia for only Php95. For starters, the tilapia was huge. Coated in flour, deep-fried to a crunch, and served in a soy-based sauce with minced red onions and garnished with spring onions.




Chef Mau Luto ni Tatay sa Bungkol is owned by Chef Mauro Arjona, Jr., who is also part of Manila’s fine restaurants like Kusé and the Old Vine in Mckinley and Eastwood. With such reasonable price, good service and mouth-watering dishes that is so good even to the last morsel, Chef Mau Luto ni Tatay sa Bungkol is just one of the reasons to visit Liliw, Laguna on a whim.


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All photos were captured by Mike Caballes.

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