The 7-Colored Sands Of Chamarel

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Scientists and geologists still cannot explain this unique area! Scientists and geologists still cannot explain this unique area!

This place baffles the experts and has started attracting tourists!

Ever visited the African country of Mauritius? It is an island nation east of Madagascar in the southwestern corner of the Indian Ocean that was the only known habitat of the now-extinct Dodo bird. Mauritius has long-since had a reputation as a very beautiful island and renowned for its many waterfalls, such as the 83 meter (272ft) Chamarel Falls. However a discovery in the 1960's is now beginning to change all of that and making the region famous for something completely different.

Mauritius Seven-Colored Earth
Behold!! The mysterious 7-colored earth

It is known as the seven-colored earth of Chamarel and is quickly becoming a perplexing tourist attraction. And yes, it is sand that is distinctly different colors, including red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple, and yellow. According to geologists the colored sand was created from clay made of lava cooling off at different times, which effectively caused seven different colors of sand to form. But the mystery does not stop there, it only gets stranger.

If you take all the colors and mix them together, they will naturally separate and rejoin the correct color grouping that they belong to! Countless experiments have been done, sand has been shaken and mixed together in a test tube, but a couple days later it has separated into individual bands of like colors. Scientists who have studied this are still mystified! And what if I were to say it gets even crazier than that?

The 7-colored rainbow sands of Mauritius are a geological wonder and unexplainable by geologists

Despite the torrential downpours that occur with the wet season every year, the sand sand experiences no absolutely erosion! It has actually now been cordoned off and people are prevented from walking on it or disturbing it; they instead must be content to experience the view from the over-looking platform.

  Chamarel Falls and the seven-colored earth of Mauritius also made it on the HoliDaze Utlimate Travel Blogger's Bucket List. Judging from the pictures it should be no surprise why!

  Heard of this place before? How badly do you want to visit now? What are your thoughts?

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