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I Want Answers! The Traveling Fool

After years of travel I have observed several things that just make no sense to me. I want answers!

Why are the seats at the departure gates larger and more comfortable than the ones on the plane? I think this is classic bait and switch. I Want Answers! Why is it when I am 2 minutes late for the plane the doors are closed I am told I will have to pay to rebook another flight? When the plane is late in departing by 2 hours I am told to have a seat and be patient. Speaking of departure gate areas, why are there 15 gates but the restroom is at the end of the terminal? Not only that when you get to the men’s room there are only 2 urinals and 2 toilets with 700 people needing to use them. The airport gift shop always has little samples in trays where the food and candy aisles are. Then why do I get dirty looks from the staff when I sample? Look it doesn’t matter if I eat them all or 1000 people eat one. They are going to be gone anyway. Why is my 2 ounce bottle of contact lens solution considered a security risk by TSA, but put it in a plastic bag and it is all of a sudden safe? Why is my tweezers are considered taboo as a take on item but the lady sitting next to me had knitting needles on the plane? This actually happened, friggin knitting needles! Why does my need to pee correspond to the exact time the flight attendant has the aisle blocked with the food cart? Why do they have bars at airports and then get mad when I try and get on the plane drunk? If the air on the plane is so clean then why is my skin all greasy when I get off?

I don’t think I am being unreasonable. I just need answers!


" Do yourself a favor, get off the tourist path and explore a little. It can be very rewarding. "
Bob is a 30-year traveler that has been to over 30 countries. Follow his travels at his blog The Traveling Fool.

Website: www.thetravellingfool.com/

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