Travel Beyond The Guide Books!

When traveling it is becoming increasingly important to attempt to avoid the items and recommendations in the guide books, travel brochures, and mainstream videos. Why? Because that is what every single tourist does!! We do not put up with airport frustrations just to travel halfway around the world only to spend all our time with other foreigners or lounging in some resort where everyone speaks English and the food is Americanized! How are you ever going to experience another culture that way?

How can you even call that traveling?!?

In order to truly experience a country, to actually get a grasp of their culture and taste of their food (and of course the local alcoholic brews), then you have to interact with the locals. If you want to make new friends and hear interesting stories, visit spots which only the locals know about and hell, maybe even pick up a little bit of the native language, well then my friend you have to ditch the travel guide and go off the beaten path! It's the only way.

  If you work 51 weeks a year and have just one week off, it's perfectly reasonable to want to pamper yourself. That's why we have a luxury travel section―just don't forget to speak with some locals (in between massages and spa treatments, of course).

  Become A Cultural Enthusiast

Travel for the richness of local experiences! Thinking hotel? Try a hostel. Thinking big chain resort? Find a small coastal city, guarantee they have a local family-owned mini-resort that would be more authentic. (And cheaper!) Thinking about a guided tour? Maybe...but first just walk around or better yet test out the local transportation methods and do a little exploring of your own off the beaten path. Thinking about purchasing something from the vendor at or outside the airport? Don't! Everything there is at least twice the regular price. Do you see where I am going with all of this?

  Throw away your travel guide and learn to live a little!

Instead of purchasing a Lonely Planet or relying on TripAdvisor, read a few travel blogs to get some authentic information and advice from an independent firsthand source with no ulterior motives.

Travel blogs provide great information -- some more than others -- but what was missing is one central hub, a good place for people to find active, quality travel blogs. That is why back in 2012 the HoliDaze was expanded from a simple travel blog documenting the adventures and mishaps of six-year permanent nomad Derek Freal into a full-fledged travel community; an expansive and ever-growing network connecting travelers from all over the globe, whether veteran, newbie, or daydreamer.

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