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  • Enjoyable Activities For A Fun Swiss Adventure
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    The many attractions of Switzerland make it an excellent destination for a European adventure. From the majestic beauty of mountain landscapes to the cultural attractions of some historic cities, there is much for visitors to enjoy on a trip to this landlocked country. Aside from the usual Swiss highlights, there are plenty of other things to see and do and the following are some to consider. Enter a Ski Marathon Switzerland has long been a popular destination for winter sports and there are plenty of resorts offering catered ski chalet holidays. This type of vacation provides access to the slopes…
  • All Roads Lead from Cancun
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    When you're looking for memorable experiences abroad, Cancun holidays are a dead cert to do the job for you, one of the finest trips you can make in all of Mexico and Central America. Providing alluring beaches punctuated by the inviting waters of the Gulf of Mexico, this paradise is indeed the ultimate travel destination for many. Still, there's much more to see in Mexico than the sights on this peninsula alone. One of the lesser-known facts is that in a very real sense, even though you've come to see Cancun, you're also at a "gateway" to the numerous other…
  • Tomatina……The funnest thing you’ll ever only want to do once
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    Technology has totally reshaped the way we consume information. Facts and trivial knowledge are available at everybody’s fingertips in an instant. What used to be the meat and potatoes of our daily learning experience has been broken down into tidbits. These delicate morsels of info are leisurely shoveled into our brain mouths at our own individually fickle becks and calls. People read blog entries like these to share experiences, not facts. Am I right? You could easily google the fact that Tomatina started in 1945 and the true origin story is unknown. Everybody’s best guess places blame on Bunol youth…
  • The Langdale Valley, “Challenging” Some May Say
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    The Langdale Valley, the real heart of the Lake District. Stunningly, scenic landscapes no matter when you look. The source of inspiration for artists and poets for hundreds of years and a place where people come to experience complete relaxation. But the Langdale Valley also appeals to another very different lot of people as Langdale is at the end of England’s steepest roads, Wrynose and Hardknott and surrounded by some of England’s highest mountains. So it is no wonder that Langdale is also quite popular with outdoor enthusiasts and those adventurous types. This coming weekend is the mighty Fred Whitton…
  • Dog Friendlyness in a Cumbria Hotel
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    Dog Friendlyness in a Cumbria Hotel Now travelling with dogs brings a whole different perspective to finding the right hotel and most importantly, the right hotel location. 3 years ago we ventured into the world of dog ownership. Mac the Border Collie, this little pup who little did we know at the time, would completely change the main criteria of a hotel search! To add to it, we got Cam, and so are now a 2 dog family. Mac and Cam go everywhere with us and so in a short amount of time we have got savvy as to what we look for and what we…
  • Starting off 2014 in the Lake District
    Written by
    Starting off 2014 in the Lake District We didn't want to stay in this New Years Eve but we also didn't fancy a house full of people. You know the feeling where by NYE was great for a house full on New years Day, horrid and the wishing they weren't there. Really not a great start to a new year in my book. With the dogs booked already organised to stay in the middle of knowhere with friends (away from fireworks), we decided to book a bit of luxury and hopefully start 2014 as meant to go on. So we went full hog being as it was…
  • 7 Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur
    Written by
    7 Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur or fondly known as KL is a big city with an area of 94 square miles and a population of 1.3 millions. Being a big city, sometimes we wonder, what can we do in this city? Where to go or what to do? Here are my 7 suggestions based on my personal experience. 7 things that we can do while in Kuala Lumpur. 1. Batu Caves Batu Caves. Not exactly in Kuala Lumpur, but this place is located near to the border of Kuala Lumpur and the state of Selangor. Batu Caves is a limestone hill that has…
  • Indonesia Travel Advice
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    Indonesia Travel Advice Indonesia is a vast and diverse archipelago that continues to impress and surprise longtime expats and even locals. To think that because you've seen Jakarta and done Bali then you "know" Indonesia is to be sorely mistaken. As one expat told me: "Just when you think you're starting to understand Indonesia, that's when you realize you don't understand it at all." From amazing cultures and regional customs to a seemingly neverending variety of local cuisines, Indonesia is home to more diversity in some of it's larger islands than other nations have in their entirety. Especially when it comes to langauges…
  • Backpacking to Thailand: how to pack your bag
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    Only a few days before I’m off to Thailand. I’m excited, chaotic and nervous. I think it’s been the 3th or 4th time I’m going to Thailand but still every time I’m worried. Worried I forget something or something happens. Of course nothing happens or goes wrong, but first I have to pack my backpack. Every time a challenge. Do I need warm clothes? Do I need to bring my hiking boots? Or is my toothbrush, tickets and passport enough. I always pack too much, but for the first time I’m going backpacking for a short time. Only 2 weeks,…
  • Getting To Andermatt - Switzerland's True Alpine Playground
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    Nothing says winter quite like a proper snowfall, so make it your mission to experience it properly. Instead of a mild winter with plenty of grey skies and rain showers, you could be having fun in the snow, making memories and trying something new. That’s what Andermatt in Switzerland has to offer you; it truly is an alpine playground! So how do you actually get to Andermatt, and what is there to do when you arrive? Here are a few hints and tips to start your planning process... Travel Information The closest airport to Andermatt is in Zurich (ZRH), 125…

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  • Top Tips For Better Instagram Photos [Infographic]
    Written by
    Instagram is a handy tool for travelers wishing to document their journey. Long gone are the days of buying disposable cameras or dropping off film at the developer. However the ease of this app can often be taken for granted. After all let's be honest: We've all seen some crappy IG photos. Don't be that guy. When you do decide to share something on Instagram, make sure it is truly worthy of being shared. This infographic from demonstrates how you can capture the peripheral wonders of the cultures you are engrossed within to make the perfect holiday photo album,…
  • Headed to Mumbai? Keep Yourself Safe with These Tips from a Local
    Written by
    (pic credits - This coastal metropolis is India’s Gotham city. Home to more than fifteen million people, Mumbai shows extremes of both, debauchery and deprivation. Do not be surprised to find a custom-made Jaguar navigating its way through a street saturated with bicycles, foot-traffic and a variety of animals. The disparity of the city is as striking as it is omnipresent. Formerly known as Bombay, the city was rechristened with its original moniker of Mumbai, derived from the Hindu goddess Mumba Devi, a few years ago. Mumbai has a lot to offer for the eager traveler. The city is…
  • Five essentials to being a happy traveler
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    Five essentials to being a happy traveler Traveling can be a wonderful experience. The planning before a trip gets you excited. You plan your every move right down to the restaurant you are going to eat on the third night of your trip. Everyone's going to be happy the whole time and there aren't going to be any delays or problems. First of the five essentials of being a happy traveler is that you cannot be hungry. This is a big one. Some people turn into different people, monsters really, when they get hungry. Have you seen those Snickers' commercials? I don´t suggest you get a Snickers…
    Written by
    DINING AT LILIW, LAGUNA I never thought that dining at Liliw, Laguna would be as pleasant as dining in a reputable restaurant in Manila but at an absolutely cheaper price tag for every dish in the menu. At first sight, I was intrigued with their appetizer Fried Tofu Teriyaki. I have always loved fried tofu but I usually dip tofu in my mom’s delicious blend of sauce – soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and lots of garlic. So it came as a surprise that it could be mixed with teriyaki sauce. Covered in layers of flour, eggs and breadcrumbs, the crisp fried tofu was topped…
    Written by
    LAGUNA'S PRIDE : ALING TALENG'S HALO-HALO It was not a case of serendipity when I checked out one of Laguna's pride - Aling Taleng's Halo-Halo. When my friend and talented photographer Mike Caballes pitched the Laguna topic to our 7107 magazine editor-in-chief, and upon learning our route, I instantly insisted of visiting one dining area - Aling Taleng's Halo Halo. Why wouldn't I insist when this is one of the oldest halo-halo serving establishments in the country today (originally established in 1933 by Editha dela Fuente). As I saw Aling Taleng's Halo-Halo signage, I was jumping for joy and my heart was pounding fast - alas!…
  • Top 10 Tips for the Indian Backpacker Traveling through Vietnam
    Written by
    (Image credit: Vietnam is slowly but surely emerging as the preferred Southeast Asian destination for backpackers all over the globe. And why not? With so much to offer in terms of exotic street food, long pristine beaches with clear waters, ethnic people and lifestyles, ancient cities and monuments with rich history, breathtaking trekking locales, gorgeous landscapes and a vibrant nightlife, it truly does have all the ingredients that go into making a perfect holiday destination! Vietnam is increasingly finding favor among eager backpackers in South Asia as well. An increasing number of Indian backpackers head to Vietnam due to…
  • Five Traditional Alcoholic Beverages You Must Try
    Written by
    Five Traditional Alcoholic Beverages You Must Try Do you love a swig of beer or a glass of wine? No, I'm not going to tell you to stop loving it! Drinking in moderation is actually good for health. But do you stick to your usual palate when you travel abroad? If you love travelling to new places and checking out what the local scene has to offer in terms of food, drinks and more, you are on the right track! However, if you stick to the usual wine and champagne, you will miss out not only on tasting new beverages but also on getting to know the…
  • Best Visual Design - Aestheti
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    Don't forget to use the Image tab to choose a featured photo! Additional images can be uploaded or embedded directly in the text. You can also add videos using the Media tab or Microsoft Office files/spreadsheets via the Attachments tab 
  • Top 6 Benefits of Choosing Vacation Rental Homes Over Hotels
    Written by
    (Image credit: Taking a break and getting away from the mundaneness of daily life is the perfect way to unwind, get in touch with your inner self, reconnect with nature, explore new places and have fun! But though you have a great time away from home, coming back to it always feels great. Could that be because deep in our hearts we miss home even when we’re on a vacation? I’m sure you would agree that the plush hotel you typically stay at, despite having all the amenities to make you feel welcome and comfortable comes nowhere close to…
  • Art in Auroville
    Written by
    In a Utopian township of Auroville where freedom is of prime importance, art and innovation find their way in through the window. When the love for humanity and the passion towards work is chosen over the materialistic pleasures and the preconceived idea of a livelihood, the mind tends to sail beyond the boundaries of conventions and break the patterns. Auroville can be easily termed as the artist's paradise with the schools teaching various forms of art (dance, music, painting, candle making, pottery) and it being celebrated every moment. Ideas rush to your brain when you are determined to embrace sustainable…
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