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  • Dog Friendlyness in a Cumbria Hotel
    Written by
    Dog Friendlyness in a Cumbria Hotel Now travelling with dogs brings a whole different perspective to finding the right hotel and most importantly, the right hotel location. 3 years ago we ventured into the world of dog ownership. Mac the Border Collie, this little pup who little did we know at the time, would completely change the main criteria of a hotel search! To add to it, we got Cam, and so are now a 2 dog family. Mac and Cam go everywhere with us and so in a short amount of time we have got savvy as to what we look for and what we…
  • Starting off 2014 in the Lake District
    Written by
    Starting off 2014 in the Lake District We didn't want to stay in this New Years Eve but we also didn't fancy a house full of people. You know the feeling where by NYE was great for a house full on New years Day, horrid and the wishing they weren't there. Really not a great start to a new year in my book. With the dogs booked already organised to stay in the middle of knowhere with friends (away from fireworks), we decided to book a bit of luxury and hopefully start 2014 as meant to go on. So we went full hog being as it was…
  • 7 Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur
    Written by
    7 Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur or fondly known as KL is a big city with an area of 94 square miles and a population of 1.3 millions. Being a big city, sometimes we wonder, what can we do in this city? Where to go or what to do? Here are my 7 suggestions based on my personal experience. 7 things that we can do while in Kuala Lumpur. 1. Batu Caves Batu Caves. Not exactly in Kuala Lumpur, but this place is located near to the border of Kuala Lumpur and the state of Selangor. Batu Caves is a limestone hill that has…
  • Indonesia Travel Advice
    Written by
    Indonesia Travel Advice Indonesia is a vast and diverse archipelago that continues to impress and surprise longtime expats and even locals. To think that because you've seen Jakarta and done Bali then you "know" Indonesia is to be sorely mistaken. As one expat told me: "Just when you think you're starting to understand Indonesia, that's when you realize you don't understand it at all." From amazing cultures and regional customs to a seemingly neverending variety of local cuisines, Indonesia is home to more diversity in some of it's larger islands than other nations have in their entirety. Especially when it comes to langauges…
  • Backpacking to Thailand: how to pack your bag
    Written by
    Only a few days before I’m off to Thailand. I’m excited, chaotic and nervous. I think it’s been the 3th or 4th time I’m going to Thailand but still every time I’m worried. Worried I forget something or something happens. Of course nothing happens or goes wrong, but first I have to pack my backpack. Every time a challenge. Do I need warm clothes? Do I need to bring my hiking boots? Or is my toothbrush, tickets and passport enough. I always pack too much, but for the first time I’m going backpacking for a short time. Only 2 weeks,…
  • Getting To Andermatt - Switzerland's True Alpine Playground
    Written by
    Nothing says winter quite like a proper snowfall, so make it your mission to experience it properly. Instead of a mild winter with plenty of grey skies and rain showers, you could be having fun in the snow, making memories and trying something new. That’s what Andermatt in Switzerland has to offer you; it truly is an alpine playground! So how do you actually get to Andermatt, and what is there to do when you arrive? Here are a few hints and tips to start your planning process... Travel Information The closest airport to Andermatt is in Zurich (ZRH), 125…
  • Grab The Bull By The Horns!! Bullfighting in Requena, Spain
    Written by
    It was about 9pm on a mildly warm Tuesday night when our bus came to a meandering crawl in Requena, Spain. This was not just any Tuesday night. It was the night before the annual tomato throwing festival known as La Tomatina. Tomatina was to be held in the small town of Bunol the following afternoon. That didn’t stop the entire province of Valencia from joining in on the celebration, however. This was the night of the annual Water and Wine Festival in Requena. I had been looking forward to this event for some time. Not just because I wanted…
  • Looking for the Best Value Airport Parking at Glasgow?
    Written by
    Looking for the Best Value Airport Parking at Glasgow? If you're flying from Glasgow Airport, there's no time like the present to start looking for the most competitive deals and the best value for money on Glasgow Airport parking. A good way to kick off the process is to search online, and use airport parking websites to find quotes on parking solutions that best suit your needs. However, make sure you only use reputable airport parking suppliers and be sure to satisfy yourself with the quality of your chosen parking provider. After all, you're leaving your car with them while you jet off to sunnier climes, so it makes…
  • Mud vulcanoes
    Written by
    What are mud volcanoes? Mud volcano. Image: wikipedia commons Mud volcanoes are channels for releasing pressurized gas and mineral water from great depths of the earth (even 812km) and depositing them on the surface where they form cones that can reach up to 700m in height, although usually they are about 1m high. The width, on the other hand,  can range from a few centimeters to a few kilometers. They are also close cousins to magmatic volcanoes. Both types of volcanoes can erupt powerfully and throw flames to great heights, both can spew out millions of cubic meters of clay from…
  • A new adventure, a new travel partner
    Written by
    Only 42 days left before I leave for Thailand. This time it will be different. This time I will be travelling with my mom. You might think:”Your mom? Why?”. I’ll explain…. The big trip In 2009 I had my first big trip. I traveled with my best friends for 8 months through Asia and 4 months through Western Australia. I loved it, I couldn’t shut up about it and I knew I was infected with the travelbug for the rest of my life. I even got my mom affected a little bit, even though she had never travelled outside of…

New Articles By Category

  • Top 6 Benefits of Choosing Vacation Rental Homes Over Hotels
    Written by
    (Image credit: Taking a break and getting away from the mundaneness of daily life is the perfect way to unwind, get in touch with your inner self, reconnect with nature, explore new places and have fun! But though you have a great time away from home, coming back to it always feels great. Could that be because deep in our hearts we miss home even when we’re on a vacation? I’m sure you would agree that the plush hotel you typically stay at, despite having all the amenities to make you feel welcome and comfortable comes nowhere close to…
  • Art in Auroville
    Written by
    In a Utopian township of Auroville where freedom is of prime importance, art and innovation find their way in through the window. When the love for humanity and the passion towards work is chosen over the materialistic pleasures and the preconceived idea of a livelihood, the mind tends to sail beyond the boundaries of conventions and break the patterns.  Auroville can be easily termed as the artist's paradise with the schools teaching various forms of art (dance, music, painting, candle making, pottery) and it being celebrated every moment. Ideas rush to your brain when you are determined to embrace sustainable…
  • Tripping down Asia's Memory Lane: top 10
    Written by
    Tripping down Asia's Memory Lane: top 10 I have never understood how anyone can like January. The sad, sinking feeling caused by limp, leftover tinsel hanging in shops, braving the dreary weather without any promise of a mulled wine stop, realising that everyone you know has vowed to lose weight, save money or quit drinking- it is a real slog of a 31 day month.  For me, the January Blues are hitting particularly hard this year (can you tell?) Having spent Christmas on holiday in India, flying back to reality on New Years Day has left me longing for backpacking adventures again. So, before I get a…
  • Travel Bloggers/Photograhers Contest- Two weeks in Kerala, India
    Written by
    Travel Bloggers/Photograhers Contest- Two weeks in Kerala, India   Are you INTERNATIONAL BLOGGER ? DO YOU WANA BE IN KERALA, INDIA for  two weeks ?HERE IS your chance in 2 simple steps ! Kerala Blog Express Get ready for an exclusive trip to Kerala, India’s greenest State and the country’s most googled travel destination. Journey across meandering backwaters and enchanting beaches, magical hills and exotic jungles. Feast your eyes on lush green paddy fields, coconut groves and spice plantations. Explore quaint villages, ancient towns and historic cities. Soak up a rich culture and see upclose the land acclaimed as one of ten paradises of the world.   All…
  • Treat Yourself to a Luxury Escape
    Written by
    Only one thing beats a holiday: a holiday of a lifetime! You know the one. It's the holiday you can never forget, because everything fell into place and you created the type of memories that have continued to live with you long after you returned home. Some may think it is entirely possible to have more than one holiday of a lifetime - as these are the types of holidays that are rarely repeated. It could be because you holidayed with your best friends and had a truly great time. Or you went to a location you'll never have the…
  • Goa- A Destination for Bikers too
    Written by
    Hail to Goa and ride this beat to explore :) Royal Enfield, a part of the Eicher Motors has expanded its motorcycle range in the country with the launch of 535 cc Continental GT. Café racers of the 1960s and Royal Enfield’s own 1965 Continental GT—the first mass produced café racer of its time—have been the main design inspiration for the current Continental GT. RE is definately going to have a different league after the launch of Continental GT as an international product. It unveiled first in London in the end of August, priced at pounds 5200 in UK, euro…
  • Caffeine club and the patter of tiny Royal feet
    Written by
    “GRANDE green tea frappuccino, no whip, six scoops macha, no classic syrup, non fat please…” asked my caffeine-starved cameraman at Starbucks earlier this week. I literally stood back from the long queue in amazement. “That’s some order… How do you even remember that?” I asked. “Easy. It’s what I always have.” Cue wide-eyed employee beckoning to me to step forward… “Good morning sir, and what can I get for you…?” “Wow… um… latte… please?” I mustered, stumbling for words. That’s all I could muster. Talk about being upstaged. The words skipped off my colleague’s tongue like a young over-eager thespian…
  • Don't wanna be an American idiot...
    Written by
    IT’S stupid-o-clock. It’s some time between 2am and 2.30am and I can’t sleep. I probably would have been able to sleep had I not incorrectly set the air conditioning/thermostat thing to ‘ludicrous’ heat before settling into bed. My dreams began peaceful and placid and slowly progressed to being infinitely weird and hell-like. You know those dreams where you’re parched and desperately trying to find something to drink? You got it, times infinity. Air conditioning is admittedly something I’ve never been able to get my head around. I mean, hailing from England how or why the hell would I know how…
  • News team... ASSEMBLE!!!!
    Written by
    IT SEEMS that man Andy Warhol was on the money when he asked the question: “Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life?” I’ve pondered that question a few times in the last eight weeks since starting work as an anchorman in San Diego. Of course, when I mentioned my new job role out here my friends, acquaintances and former colleagues – naturally – laughed and joked… “anchorman”, “Ron Burgundy”, “Stay Classy San Diego” etc etc. In two months I’ve had much of the film’s script shouted/texted/emailed at me. I laugh as much as the next person, so it…
  • (Dis)count me out
    Written by
    THE PROCESS of patiently waiting in line at a supermarket is something a Brit can empathize with. It seems we’re a nation of queuers. But here in California, despite the laid-back vibe of most folk, when it comes to queuing to buy food or ‘groceries’, Californians are impatient – at best. So when you hear someone at the very front of a supermarket queue mutter the immortal line “wait, I’ve got a coupon for that” you know full well that people are going to be getting restless and a tad upset. You see, having a ‘coupon’ for an item over…
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