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Slowly it’s getting winter over here but the sun is shining every day. In Holland, I heard it should be around 30 degrees but despite that I am enjoying everyday here in New Zealand. Enjoying the kiwi culture and the country that has his own will and some very special things:

Only in New Zealand there’s beer ice cream. Yeah, for real! When I first arrived in New Zealand I saw a big poster of the Icebar company. I thought they were joking. Icecream with alcohol? Icecream is for kids, right? Not in New Zealand apparently. After a few weeks I finally tried it and it was delicious. You should try it!

Only in New Zealand we have rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine, rain, sunshine. That’s pretty much the weather for one day in New Zealand. In New Zealand you can have literally four seasons in one day but don’t be sad because most of the times the sun wins. Give it up for the sun!

Only in New Zealand there’s a sheep festival. Who comes up with these things? With so many sheeps (for every kiwi there are nine sheeps available) there’s no way denying, right? And it’s a once in a lifetime experience. (Find out for yourself on my blog about the sheep festival.)

Only in New Zealand hitchhiking is as normal as anything. It doesn’t matter if you’re old, young, black, white, man or woman. Kiwi’s are the most friendliest people and if they can help someone, they always will. So if you’re not in a hurry, hitchhiking is the best way. It’s even possible in Auckland, when you meet the right, Brent. It was friday afternoon and I went to La Zeppa (a local pub) with my manager, Brent. On our way back, when we walked to Brent’s car, we bumped into 3 german girls. They where looking for Ponsonby Road. “Yeah, that’s at least an half hour walk up the hill” I told them, but Brent had another solution. Why not drop them off. Yeah, why not? First the german girls weren’t so sure but after I told them I was Dutch they didn’t have much doubt. So off we went!

Only in New Zealand do they have longest name for a place and shit that name is loooonnnngggg. Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupo-kaiwhenuakitanatahu. Yeah, try to pronounce that. I dare you!

What else is weird about New Zealand?

Jessica de Heij

I'm a dutch blogger who has the travelbug but i'm currently doing a internship in New Zealand. Read all about my adventures in kiwi land.



0 # Tay 2015-06-03 13:58
Hi! I'm from New Zealand and I'm sorry but I have to correct you.....everything you said is wrong!!
1) ginger beer is not alcoholic. It's a carbonated drink that is ginger flavoured.
2) NZ has festivals for everything. For instance, chocolate festival, wine and food festival, winter festival, lantern festival, solstice festival, a festival for everything, including farming festivals.
3) hitch-hiking is not normal for New Zealanders and lots of people consider it very dangerous! For instance I would never hitch-hike in NZ because I know how dangerous it can be, I think foreigners have a rose-tinted view of hitch-hiking in NZ.
4) not everywhere has long names. This is a famously long name in te reo Maori, the indigenous language of New Zealand. To be honest I think it is ethnocentric of you to laugh at another language.
Sorry to correct you on these points but mis-information about my home country really annoys me. Please fact-check!!!
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0 # Jessica de Heij 2012-08-22 04:22
@Derek: Love the texan saying! :-)
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0 # Simon Petersen 2012-07-04 08:48
Ahh, it's actually "ginger beer" ice-cream, which isn't really a beer at all.

It's a carbonated drink made with ginger and sugar which is sold in shops in the UK, Australia and NZ - but not in Holland, I'm guessing?
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0 # Derek Freal 2012-07-04 08:02
Well I definitely want to try some beer ice cream now LOL, thanks for the tip!
In regards to #2, only in New Zealand...and Texas! Texans have a saying: "Don't like the weather? Wait 15 minutes." ;)
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