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New York City consistently ranks in the top ten of destinations for American travelers, and for good reason. With a population of over 16 million people and countless buildings and sights instantly recognizable by people all over the world, NYC is often a "must-see" destination for both US citizens and foreign travelers alike. And if you are still searching for cheap flights to New York, be sure to check out Whether Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, or even Ground Zero, most visitors already have a long list of sights to see before they even arrive… KEEP READING
(Originally posted on the Girls Trek Too blog, Tuesday, December 6th, 2011) I woke in terror and opened my eyes to green tubular objects floating toward me — string beans, or slow-motion bullets. I yelled, startling my husband. When I snapped out of it I reassured Dale, “It’s only what always happens.” Meaning: “It’s only because night terrors are my thing, not because I’m traveling to Juárez,” although that was precisely the problem. I closed my eyes and pictured my breasts exploding. I wondered what Dale would do if I were shot. It was too much to contemplate. I asked… KEEP READING
SoHo(t) SoHo is hot and one of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC. Please let me share some of mine favorite 'places to be'. I am curious if you have any nice suggestions yourself. Please let me know if you do. Together we can make the most Marvelous SoHo list! SoHo (abbreviation of South Houston) is located between Houston Street (north), Lafayette Street (east), Canal Street (south) and Sixth Avenue (west). SoHo is known as one of New York's most trendy neighborhoods, leading in fashion and architecture. Where to shop? Everywhere in SoHo you can find amazing shops and therefore SoHo… KEEP READING
Recently I had the pleasure of discovering a refreshing new side to Ohio, the hidden gem known as Hocking Hills. Nestled in the southeastern portion of the state, this area is known for its rolling hills and glacier-carved valleys. As a result of these iconic valleys the region is also home to a surprising amount of migratory fauna and even several types of flora that are usually only found in the cooler climates of Canada. In addition to offering a wealth of outdoor activities, the nearby towns provide several interesting sightseeing opportunities and tours that cover a variety of interests… KEEP READING
Colorado is one of my favorite states in the US. Not only is it beautiful and historic, but it is also full of some of the nicest citizens of any state I have ever been too. While I have long since said I will always call Austin, Texas home, if there is any place I did leave there for it would be somewhere in Colorado. Never been? I recommend checking it out. Below are seven unique choices to help get your plans started: Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour Silverton $10-20/person depending kid/senior/adultOfficial Web Site With history dating back to the… KEEP READING
(Originally posted on the Girls Trek Too blog, Wednesday, November 16th, 2011) This Thursday, I’m traveling to a place that should have yellow caution tape around it. According to the news, according to family and friends, according to the U.S. State Department, if I’m looking for danger: non-essential travel to Chihuahua, Mexico is the way to go, especially Ciudad Juárez. When I told mygrandfather I was going to Mexico to do research for my historical novel, he shouted a bit, then insisted, “OK, next subject.” But hey, sometimes Grampa shouts when he and Dad are deciding where to grab breakfast… KEEP READING
Cancun has lovely golden beaches lapped by the beautiful turquoise Caribbean Sea and is the perfect climate for tourists wishing to have an amazing beach experience. What makes us reach for the brochures of nearer, less sunny, resorts is our belief that in this gloomy economy we cannot afford the great Cancun family getaway we really want. It does not have to be expensive though. As long as you are careful, a budget-friendly Cancun holiday is perfectly possible. Your first step should be to choose a package in the right budget range. There are plenty of good but low budget… KEEP READING
A friend and I recently ventured into my local metropolitan center, aka San Francisco, and did some exploring. The weekend is best summarized by said friend's phone call to her husband: "Hey babe, I just saw the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, toured a WWII Submarine and now I'm going to see Azkaban, I mean Alcatraz. (yah, Alcatraz may have been renamed Azkaban for my entertainment) Tomorrow I'm going to see a Tuscan Castle!" Her husband's hilariously sarcastic response: "Great. Let me know when you fly a fighter jet!" 11:00am - 2:00pm Crissy Field, Palace of Fine Arts, Hike up… KEEP READING
The late December snow and ice crunched almost rythymically under our feet as we approached the isolated dog kennel nestled in the backwoods of Whistler, BC. Dusk was rapidly turning into dark, but the fleet of Alaskan huskies designated to pull our sled were bouncing with energy like it was high noon. "Don't let them lick you in the face!" shouted one of the tour guides as she approached us bearing an arm full of harness equipment. "They have a raw meat diet, so we strongly discourage them from licking know because of bacteria and stuff." We continued petting… KEEP READING
No visit to San Francisco would be complete without a tour of Alcatraz. I highly recommend taking the night tour. Be sure to book your tickets in advance (online: as they sell out weeks in advance. A Day in San Francisco: 3:30 PM - 9:00 PM -Ferry to Azkaban, I mean Alcatraz. -Night Tour of "The Rock." (The night tour of Alcatraz is AMAZING, PS.) -Ferry back to the mainland From the Ferry Ride: @ Alcatraz. Photos of inmates. Cool staircase, PS. Each corridor and space had a nickname: Broadway, Times Square, etc. The Gun Galley at the top… KEEP READING
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