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Travel Facts
Looking to invade a country by sea? Try Canada! They have only 9k Navy personnel guarding the longest national coastline in the world.

Street art (sometimes called graffiti art) is a very unique and interesting form of modern artistic expression. The vivid colors and neverending creativity of their artists have a tendency to impress both locals and tourists alike. Like most major metropolises Toronto boasts its own collection of graffiti art, including the aptly named "Graffiti Alley," which runs parallel to Queen street on the southern side. To check out the wall art for yourself, start at Queen and Spadina and head west, walking down every alley you pass. There is also a healthy amount of graffiti artt scattered a few blocks north… KEEP READING
Good Friday, April 6, 2012. It seemed as though the City of Totems, otherwise known as Duncan, and situated on Vancouver Island B.C., was about to be ‘socked in’ again. The clouds hung heavy on Mount Tzouhalem when I awoke and I had itchy feet. Coffee and cigarette in hand, I renamed the day; B.C. Ferry – Gulf Islands Day. I would leave this island for another; Thetis Island via Chemainus. The Island it is said, that has a Mediterranean Climate. The closest ferry from Duncan to Thetis Island is in Chemainus, B.C. – The City of Murals. If you… KEEP READING
The late December snow and ice crunched almost rythymically under our feet as we approached the isolated dog kennel nestled in the backwoods of Whistler, BC. Dusk was rapidly turning into dark, but the fleet of Alaskan huskies designated to pull our sled were bouncing with energy like it was high noon. “Don’t let them lick you in the face!”, shouted one of the tour guides as she approached us bearing an arm full of harness equipment. “They have a raw meat diet, so we strongly discourage them from licking people….you know because of bacteria and stuff.” We continued petting… KEEP READING

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Nate @ Yomadic

Traveling writer, photographer, and hand model with a deep-seated lust for BBQ pork.


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NEW!   He really puts the something in the something... (you'll have to read the interview)

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