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Iceland has been on my top 10 list of places to see since I was a teenager. Why? I’m not quite sure. I recall looking at a globe, fascinated with the wonders of the world. Somehow, our planet is home to over 6 billion people, spread out over 100 countries. Iceland, other than Antarctica, seemed to epitomize images of extreme cold – a place where nobody could possibly live, right? Of course, I was probably about 16 years old, never having traveled outside of Ontario, Canada, so what did I know? But at that time, Iceland seemed like a galaxy… KEEP READING
Cliffs of Moher I recently got back from a trip to Ireland. Before this trip, I had visited Ireland on a cruise. I enjoyed my time so much that I wanted to go back and explore more. I wondered how it would compare to visiting it on a cruise. As a follow up to my last blog post, Hungry for More!, here’s a recap of my experiences of cruise vs. land travel. One Day to see it all With only one day to see Dublin on the cruise, we got up earlier and into the city to see the sights.… KEEP READING
Travelling by bus is cheap and (usually) convenient, since there are many different companies competing for business along the same lines and there are bus stops at very frequent intervals. There are disadvantages, too – the buses are often overcrowded and dirty and the frequent stops that make buses so easy to catch also make them a slow means of getting from A to B. Bus services that travel internationally are less common but are nonetheless fiercely competitive. They are usually cheaper than other forms of international travel, but here we set out a list of all the pros and… KEEP READING
I recently joined a professional photographer for a customised one-to-one photography workshop in the Scottish HIghlands and Isle of Skye. In just five days I learnt so much about Scotland, about photography and about myself. 1.“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” This quote from Marcel Proust has always been one of my favourites. I once met another traveller in Africa who was exploring the country without a camera as she found that looking through a lens detracted from the experience of being in the country. This may be true if… KEEP READING
At the moment I work for the Local Authority in a professional job with crap wages and long hours. I'm 43 and single, have a humungous mortgage and am feeling controlled with boredom oozing from every orifice - Ahhhhhh. Not being one to dwell on how unsatisfied I am with my life I have taken action to do something about it. I've chucked in the job - Hoooray! I've got a tenant for my home and booked a one way ticket to Bangkok. I only have a smalll budget and plan to be away for at least a year. So… KEEP READING
I am quite fascinated with the London borough Chelsea, mainly because of the Portobello Market in Notting Hill, Notting Hill the movie, Notting Hill itself, and my favorite reality show Made in Chelsea. My favorite London borough though, is Camden. I was excited when my friends booked our rooms at the Imperial Hotel in Camden. Here's my absolute favorite, the Camden Market. I've read somewhere that it's best to go there on a weekday to avoid the crowds. I've been twice - once on a Sunday, and once on a weekday, and I gotta say, it's much more fun with… KEEP READING
If you're flying from Glasgow Airport, there's no time like the present to start looking for the most competitive deals and the best value for money on Glasgow Airport parking. A good way to kick off the process is to search online, and use airport parking websites to find quotes on parking solutions that best suit your needs. However, make sure you only use reputable airport parking suppliers and be sure to satisfy yourself with the quality of your chosen parking provider. After all, you're leaving your car with them while you jet off to sunnier climes, so it makes… KEEP READING
Most people who live in places considered to have a 'normal climate' often long to the south. Yes, sure enough 'south' often has it all, cheap drinks, temperature, beaches, cheap food, cheap hotels, cheap flights... But what many of these places lack, is sights and adventure, and even if they have that, not too many of us normal people enjoy hiking in the mountains in 40 degrees Celsius or more (!). Most of us at some point get a little sick of the same old thing, even if the beaches on Costa Del Sol might not be exactly like the… KEEP READING
With the London 2012 Olympics less than a hundred days to go, it seems as if everything is coming into place nicely. The new slogan was just announced is “Inspire a generation” Not exactly the most exciting slogan, but I am guessing it is to fit in with all the events that will be taking place. Former Olympian Seb Coe was at the unveiling of an enormous set of Olympic rings in Kew Gardens, West London which were made using 20,000 flowers. The rings are 50m long, and will be in full bloom for the summer giving passengers flying into… KEEP READING
Just as Shakespeare has confounded high school students for generations, it seems the playwright has been doing the same to historians for even longer. This week, new research found that as well as hoarding grain during food shortages, the Bard was also threatened with jail for tax evasion. Hard to believe, but 400 years on Shakespeare still manages to keep a fair few secrets up his sleeve. The man himself: William Shakespeare This became apparent to my friend and I when we visited Shakespeare's hometown of Stratford-Upon-Avon in England. As you can imagine, the town has well and truly contracted… KEEP READING
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