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Good ol' England! Lots of history here. Speaking of, Windsor Castle in England is actually the oldest royal residence in the world that is still being used by a royal family.

The Langdale Valley, the real heart of the Lake District. Stunningly, scenic landscapes no matter when you look. The source of inspiration for artists and poets for hundreds of years and a place where people come to experience complete relaxation. But the Langdale Valley also appeals to another very different lot of people as Langdale is at the end of England’s steepest roads, Wrynose and Hardknott and surrounded by some of England’s highest mountains. So it is no wonder that Langdale is also quite popular with outdoor enthusiasts and those adventurous types. This coming weekend is the mighty Fred Whitton… KEEP READING
Now travelling with dogs brings a whole different perspective to finding the right hotel and most importantly, the right hotel location. 3 years ago we ventured into the world of dog ownership. Mac the Border Collie, this little pup who little did we know at the time, would completely change the main criteria of a hotel search! To add to it, we got Cam, and so are now a 2 dog family. Mac and Cam go everywhere with us and so in a short amount of time we have got savvy as to what we look for and what we… KEEP READING
We didn't want to stay in this New Years Eve but we also didn't fancy a house full of people. You know the feeling where by NYE was great for a house full on New years Day, horrid and the wishing they weren't there. Really not a great start to a new year in my book. With the dogs booked already organised to stay in the middle of knowhere with friends (away from fireworks), we decided to book a bit of luxury and hopefully start 2014 as meant to go on. So we went full hog being as it was… KEEP READING
Just as Shakespeare has confounded high school students for generations, it seems the playwright has been doing the same to historians for even longer. This week, new research found that as well as hoarding grain during food shortages, the Bard was also threatened with jail for tax evasion. Hard to believe, but 400 years on Shakespeare still manages to keep a fair few secrets up his sleeve. The man himself: William Shakespeare This became apparent to my friend and I when we visited Shakespeare's hometown of Stratford-Upon-Avon in England. As you can imagine, the town has well and truly contracted… KEEP READING
25/12/2012 ‘THE PLACE where fairies and castles live’ is how Jacky referred to England before we visited. Thanks largely to the landscape, the people – and of course the small matter of THE proposal – she now refers to the motherland as simply ‘Fairytale-land’. It’s only when you look at something through the eyes of someone else that you truly appreciate what you’re looking at. It’s like staring at a piece of art which you normally wouldn’t give a second glance to. If the artist or art expert is standing next to you telling you about the intricate detail of… KEEP READING
Who said stints at the seaside should be reserved for summer? The northerners don’t quit when it’s cold, so if you’re looking for somewhere a little different to get away to this half term, why not give Blackpool a whirl. One of the best features in the area is that it is brimming with low cost accommodation, cutting down on the cost of your stay quite significantly. Those who are new to the area will find that cheap hotels in Blackpool can be found here. Stay with a trusted budget hotel company and you are sure to cut the stress… KEEP READING
At the moment I work for the Local Authority in a professional job with crap wages and long hours. I'm 43 and single, have a humungous mortgage and am feeling controlled with boredom oozing from every orifice - Ahhhhhh. Not being one to dwell on how unsatisfied I am with my life I have taken action to do something about it. I've chucked in the job - Hoooray! I've got a tenant for my home and booked a one way ticket to Bangkok. I only have a smalll budget and plan to be away for at least a year. So… KEEP READING
I am quite fascinated with the London borough Chelsea, mainly because of the Portobello Market in Notting Hill, Notting Hill the movie, Notting Hill itself, and my favorite reality show Made in Chelsea. My favorite London borough though, is Camden. I was excited when my friends booked our rooms at the Imperial Hotel in Camden. Here's my absolute favorite, the Camden Market. I've read somewhere that it's best to go there on a weekday to avoid the crowds. I've been twice - once on a Sunday, and once on a weekday, and I gotta say, it's much more fun with… KEEP READING