Oceania (9)

Australia is a continent of extremes with Queensland generally going through two types of weather per year; dry, clear and cool or wet, muggy and hot. The recent bout of arid conditions, coupled with crystal-clear sunshine days means that the National Parks in Queensland, Australia are in top condition for discovery through camping, hiking and four-wheel driving. We took advantage of the 25+ days of no rain to head out and explore a spot we had not visited previously: Conondale National Park. Approximately 130km North West of Brisbane in South East Queensland, the reserve spans an enormous 35,000+ hectares. To… KEEP READING
After windy Surat Bay, I drove along the coast to Te Anau. Where famous sounds where. You know...the Milford Sound and Doubtful sound. Te Anau was a really beautiful place with a beautiful lake and the sounds in the background. It was a little town, that mostly popular was in summer because now it was almost desserted. But no worries, without the tourists it was even more beautiful :-) The next day I headed to Milford Sound. 120 km to the Sound and 120 km back. The highway to Milford sound dates back to the 1930's but I was happy… KEEP READING
Before I left Mt. Cook, I took one last look at the amazing view. Staying longer was no option, because there was so much more to see in the South. Early in the morning, when my carwindows were still frozen, I decided to drive more south, towards Oamaru. I drove along a few beautiful lakes that New Zealand has to offer: Lake Aviemore, Lake Benmore and Lake Waitiki. Around noon I arrived in Oamaru. Best described as a sweet, little town. I rang the doorbell at the hostel, that was situated just off the main street. A woman in nightgown… KEEP READING
This morning I looked out off the window. It was mostly grey, but on the bright side....it didn't rain. Yeah, just another day in the fall. Falls here in the Netherlands are mostly like that. You are lucky when it doesn't rain and really, really lucky when you see some sunshine. But the weather doesn't get me down, or at least i'm trying, but this make me also realise that I was really lucky in New Zealand. Even in the winter I got lots of sun. On the westcoast it was raining, buy hey...when doesn't it not rain on the… KEEP READING
I’m curently enjoying my lovely cappucino at Shaky Isles celebrating the fact that today I’m exactly 6 months at the other side of the world. How cool is that? It felt more like 2 months, but hey I’m still here and only two weeks left. Than I’m finished with my internship at Lifemark and Recreate NZ and then I can finally go travelling around New Zealand. How awesome is that? It feels like a dream comes true.But before that I have two goodbye diners. So I’ll be working till the 29th and the 30th I’ll take the bus to Rotorua… KEEP READING
Queenstown oh yeah baby! Every tourist that goes to New Zealand, also goes to Queenstown. You would think it's really big, but it isn't. It's just an little town where the most tourist come to party and the locals to enjoy the amazing ski area called "The Remarkables". The town was actually named after a queen Victoria because of it's beauty. A town fit for a Queen. I don't know if Queen Victoria was beautiful, but Queenstown was definitely amazing. Ok, it was overcrowded with tourists but that was exactly nice for a change. For the last couple of weeks… KEEP READING
UPDATE: Meanwhile I'm already back in Holland and started my first week back at school but I'll still want to share my stories and adventures around the south island of New Zealand. Hope you enjoy it! :-) The first thing I did the next morning was look out of the window. It was totally blue! After I had my breakfast and dressed, I walked outside. It was magical with the amazing blue sky and the high mountains of the Southern Alps. Totally different than yesterday, when it was raining and cloudy and you couldn't see a thing. I packed all… KEEP READING
History Both cities belong to the oldest settlements in Australia and try to preserve old building and sights. In Sydney, the district „The Rocks“ right by the Sydney harbour is the oldest part of town which has been restored during the last decade. You find small museum as well as souvenir and other shops, nice old-fashioned cafés and restaurants as well as quite contemporary upscale shopping opportunities. You should take part in a guided walking tour through the Rocks to learn everything about the life of the early immigrants. Melbourne's history is connected to the figure of Ned Kelly, the… KEEP READING
I'm almost a week back in Holland and no, not much has changed. It's still flat and crowded...;-) but I'm happy to be home to see my friends and family again after 4 days of flying. It started all in Auckland and it will end in Auckland. The last 10 days I flew to Auckland and stayd in the Northland with Tonio. I did some wwoofing to save some money. I worked with a woman who normally was homeless and had big dreadlocks. So Tonio's texted of course:"Did you already smoke a joint with them?" "No, Tonio I did not"… KEEP READING