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I was fortunate to return to the Philippines' City of Smiles during the first week of October 2011. The streets of Bacolod City was vibrant with the upcoming celebration of the MassKara Festival. During my four-day work for a television coverage, an all-day and night shoot was scheduled during the first day of my arrival. During the day, our local / regional staff based in Bacolod City toured us to some of the sights and must-see landmarks of this charming city. We went to the Bacolod Public Plaza where some stalls were offering some snacks and quick meals. As much as we wanted to grab a bite, my crew and I were rushing before the sun goes down but vowed to return by night time and enjoy some grilled dishes available at the Bacolod Public Plaza. Night time comes, we strolled the Bacolod Public Plaza dazzling with night lights and in the mood to party all-night with dance music playing aloud. There were several MassKara Festival items from accessories and a variety of MassKara designs. But the food lover in me passed up the opportunity to buy any MassKara accessory and looked for something to satisfy my palate. A few steps from the San Sebastian Cathedral, the sight of this yellow-colored thin concoction caught my attention. I asked the two male vendors if what they were selling was crepe and both were looking for answers to my query. My colleague and friend Ate GG blurted, "anak pancake lang yan" (loosely translated : child it's a pancake). It seems to be funny now as why would I thought that crepes will be sold as a street food but the thinness and was very similar to a crepe though it was cooked in a waffle-designed pan. The pancake was vibrant yellow and with very simple ingredients - flour, evaporated milk, sugar and margarine. Will the latter help in making me taller? Not really, but it sure satisfied my curiosity of how it tasted. Just a piece would do for me as the margarine was over-powering in flavor. This article was initially published at my food blog Eat To Your Heart's Content
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She's a self-confessed chocoholic even before the term was coined. After 10 years of non-stop television productions, she embraced the call of taking trips, enjoying gastronomic sojourns and living in this epigram: live well, laugh often and eat to your heart's content. With the latter in mind, she developed her food blog: in 2011, followed by her travel blog Join her as she journeys to a world of pleasurable discoveries.


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