The Philippines is home to some of the friendliest people you will meet anywhere in the world. Plus English is spoken widely so don't worry about getting off the typical tourist trail -- that's where the real fun starts.

  Visit Batanes, the northernmost islands of the Philippines -- it's like stepping back in time!  

Sabtang Island, jewel of the Batanes in northern Philippines

It's white and slimy, worm like, but dip it in spicy vinegar and its one hell of a tasty (raw) fare! I wasn't really expecting to eat "tamilok" or woodworm, a type of mollusc that burrows inside old and decaying wood and are present primarily in mangrove areas. But when I was at the Bakhawan Eco Park in Kalibo, Aklan, the Philippines, a world showcase of community development according to UN's FAO, it was posted that there's a tamilok eating challenge. When I reached the picnic area of the park near the sea, Ruperto de la Luna, the one who…
Are you planning on taking a ferry between El Nido and Coron in the Philippines? If so there are two options for you. Tourist Ferry Every day of the week you can catch the tourist ferry between these two ports. The ride will supposedly average 8 hours and cost 2,200 Pesos. From what I have heard the boat can take longer than the scheduled time and frequently runs out of food. There are many companies that offer this service but they all cost the same and from the services advertised no real difference is apparent. I personally did not go…
It's More Fun In The Philippines Let's get the basics out of the way first, for those of you new to the region (for the rest of you, just skip down two paragraphs). The Philippines is the world's 12th most populous nation, with a population of over 90 million as of 2008. An estimated figure of half of the population resides on the island of Luzon. Manila, the capital city, is the eleventh most populous metropolitan area in the world. Life expectancy is 71.23 years, with 73.6 years for females, and 69.8 years for males. Population growth rate between 1995…
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