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The towering statue of David, a replica located at Times Beach in Davao City's Seawall The towering statue of David, a replica located at Times Beach in Davao City's Seawall
During the last day on one of my trips in Davao City, my beau brought me to what the locals call the Seawall. I have almost forgotten this place (my previous executive producer for a TV reality cooking show first brought me in 2006) located at the Times Beach and what locals also refer to as Baywalk. It resembles a small Roxas Boulevard (in Manila) where the open water is at arms-length and a magnificent sunset can be witnessed (only the sunset here is at the right side whereas as in Manila's Roxas Boulevard it's fronting the seawall). But the similarity ends there as Davao City's Seawall has so much more to offer - to locals and tourists alike. It's quite an infamous place for conservative locals as a naked statue stands towering at about 30 feet. To some who have seen this erection (pun intended) as vulgar and indecent, for generations this statue has been regarded as one of Italy's greatest masterpiece. The original statue I am referring to is David, created by Italian artist Michaelangelo and was unveiled in September 1504. What stands at Davao City's Seawall is obviously a replica of the original statue of David in the Renaissance era. The replica has been painted and shimmering in gold. In front of the statue is a structured body of water surround by plants and has live baby sharks swimming, as if guarding the statue. I honestly do not see why some locals would maliciously tag the statue of David as indecent when in fact, it is quite a blessing for the locals to see such an art, without going to Florence in Italy where the actual statue is displayed for over 500 years. Two other replicas where built around the globe - one is in London and the other in Brisbane, Australia. Another statue was created on the shallow waters at the left side of the Seawall. I'm sure you are all familiar with Copenhagen's Little Mermaid. The legenday statue has been used in many location shootings in Hollywood films. The Little Mermaid sits on a rock at the Churchill Park in Copenhagen, Denmark for about 100 years and for Dabawenyos, they do not have to fly to Denmark just to see something like this. A replica of the Little Mermaid, facing the sea, can be found at the Seawall. Apart from these two world-renowed replicas, at another part of the Seawall are caged animals - a number of ducks and elegant ostriches roam around. My beau and I just enjoyed these international statues and a breathtaking sunset while some locals prefer to catch some fresh fish. Davao City's Seawall is just one of the many reasons why you should visit Davao City and the entire Mindanao region. What are you waiting for? Isn't it more fun in the Philippines? DAVAO CITY'S SEAWALL Ecoland, Times Beach Matina Aplaya, Davao City Philippines *The Seawall in Ecoland is near SM City and Queensland Motel This article was initially published at
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