The Taoist Temple in Cebu - A Little Piece of China

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Taoist Temple Cebu Taoist Temple Cebu Photo by The Travelling Fool

Taoist Temple in Cebu

The Taoist Temple in Cebu is one of the many sights available to visitors in this vibrant city.


The Temple was built in 1972 and is open to the public unlike other Taoist Temples in the area. Located in the Beverly Hills sub division at an elevation of about 300 meters above sea level it is easily accessible.

Taoist Temple in Cebu

Any taxi driver in town can take you there but don’t make the same mistake I made by telling the driver to leave. It is much better to pay a few pesos and have the driver wait otherwise you might be in for a walk to the subdivision entrance trying to flag down a taxi when it comes time to leave.

Taoist Temple Cebu

The Temple was built by the Chinese community in Cebu and offers quite a view of the city once you get there. On Wednesdays and Saturdays Taoist devotees climb the 81 steps to the temple to light joss sticks and have their fortune read by the monks. The 81 steps represent the chapters of the Taoist teachings.

Part of the entrance resembles the Great Wall of China and the Temple includes the chapel, a small souvenir shop, library and wishing wells. The various levels of the Temple offer great views of the city and bay.

Taoist Temple in Cebu

There are several Taoist Temples in the Philippines but few that allow visitors.

If you have the opportunity to visit the Taoist Temple in Cebu then take it. The architecture is beautiful the place is serene and the views are great.


" Do yourself a favor, get off the tourist path and explore a little. It can be very rewarding. "
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