The New Year’s here! Make this year memorable for lifetime by exploring some of the most popular destinations in the bucket list of every traveler this season. Based on the reviews compiled from travel experts and after taking into note the up-and-coming industry trends, we’ve finally identified 14 standout holiday spots that assure you of a delight of lifetime:



Inspiring Disney masterpieces like Frozen with its intense natural beauty, Norway is a gorgeous Scandinavian paradise that will knock you out with its unparalleled striking beauty of its snow-covered mountains and fjords (long, narrow inlets of deep blue water between soaring cliffs). Along with its natural beauty, it also contains hip restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and surreal museums to keep you entertained.



Capri, Greece

The island of Capri, is a piece of paradise yet to be commercialized by masses compared to its other Greek cousins. The heady mixture of history, nature, worldliness, culture and events here will keep you enthralled.

Newfoundland, Canada



Easily accessible through transport, this part of Eastern Canada is endowed with incredible wildlife, intriguing Viking culture, stark & beautiful landscapes, surreal hospitality and the friendliest people you will meet. You can also go bird-watching or view icebergs from the shore or glide near them with kayaks.



From brilliant emerald green hills & high rising cliffs leading to glorious beaches with their turquoise waters, Ireland is every inch, poetry in motion. Magnificent castles with their old age aura to charming villages with their lavish hospitality will make you reluctant to go back from here.




The Australian Apple-Isle is known for its breath-taking beaches and irresistible natural beauty, Awaken your adventurous side with a hike at gigantic Cradle Mountain or through the granite mountains and azure bays near the Freycinet National Park. When you are tired with all that walking, relax by the beach with a glass of the world- renowned wine from here.



Having recently celebrated 50 years of independence, Singapore is a vibrantly beautiful & cultural destination. With colorful festivities and celebrations, relax at some of the most luxurious resorts in the world placed beside clear, scenic beaches.



Namibia is a vividly beautiful African desert haven. Colonial architecture and beautiful landscapes filled with mountains, beaches with a stunning coastal desert have led to its naming among UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its undisturbed natural reserves, the country is home to some of the rare species of flora & fauna as well.




This tiny, unexplored country on Arabian Peninsula with its unique culture, stunning natural spots & luxurious resorts is a definitely a must-go location. The amazing beaches, stark deserts, rugged coastline and opulent spa hotels are bringing out many international tourists in droves. The country is slowly opening up for globalization and travel...

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

The emerald green isle bordering India, Sri Lanka provides the perfect destination for rest & recreation. Foodies, Golfers, Beach groupies- everyone can find something here. Beautiful temples, the uniquely spicy food, lush green tea plantations, colonel era trains, abundant wild life only end up adding the charm to this tropical paradise. With the tourist development on rise, many International hotel chains are opening up their branches here, leading the way for a comfortable stay.

Sri Lanka is amazing! Here's why  

10 Things You Don't Know About Sri Lanka

Guadalupe Valley, Mexico

Guadalupe Valley


The wine hub of Mexico, Guadalupe Valley is a spectacle to behold with sprawling lush vineyards, charming restaurants in middle of farms & blissful wine. The valley was recently named as one of the ten best wine destinations and is now on the way to become the next Napa of the future.



Who doesn’t wish for a vacation by the English countryside interspersed with the charms of London? Every year hundreds thousands of tourists visit England, and now that it is no longer part of the EU, 2018 is a great time to visit! From big ben to Stonehenge to all the regency era stops, this will be a holiday straight from pages of a fantasy book.



Get transported to another world, with beautiful snowy mountains, unusual northern lights and hot springs. A dream location for outdoor enthusiasts, this one does not disappoint the party people as well, with an amazing night life coupled with luxury resorts for rest and recreation. The Nordic cuisine & hospitality will definitely keep you wanting more.

Experience the REAL Iceland   Iceland Off The Beaten Path

Iceland off the beaten path

Marrakech, Morocco



Visit Morocco for an experience truly out of this world. From an exotic faraway culture to a diverse landscapes and a rich history, Morocco thrills every part of the avid traveler in you. Exploring the Grand Bazaar is a must. Don't forget to go for hiking at Atlas mountains or the great desert or roam around in the charming old age alleys of Fez, or sample the amazing Moroccan cuisine, you will have a holiday of a lifetime at one of most intriguing destinations in the world.

Lima, Peru



Lima, the capital of Peru is a city steeped in history. The Inca traces found nearby at the beautifully haunted ruins at Macchu Picchu are mixed along with contemporary seaside neighborhoods coming up against gritty shantytowns clinging to barren hillsides with fountain parks in between. Intrigued already? The Peruvian cuisine is praised all over the world and shortlisted among the best. Don’t forget to sample Pisco, the native potent grape wine.

There we’ve it for you – the top 14 go-now tourist destinations of 2018. So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets and head out to explore, enjoy, and experience the world for yourself!

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Some people think death is the end.

But it needn't be.

As the good people at the Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic have proven, it seems we can all still be of some use after we leave this earth... as ornate interior decorations.

This chandelier at Sedlec Ossuary contains at least one of every bone in the human body

Be honest...who wouldn't one one of these in at least one room of their house

In what can only be described as Changing Rooms / 60 Minute Makeover / Backyard Blitz gone mad, Sedlec Ossuary put all those pesky bones that were literally lying around their cemetery and basement into the shape of vases, coats of arms, chandeliers and furniture.

Family crest made from bones at the Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Schwarzenberg family crest

Family crest made from bones at the Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Close-up of the crest

So why does a small Roman Catholic Chapel on the outskirts of Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic decide to forgo the painted feature wall, strand of fairy lights or other more conventional interior design trends in favour of lovely bones?

Well, it seems it was a victim of its own success.

This chandelier at Sedlec Ossuary contains at least one of every bone in the human body

This chandelier is equal parts beautiful and creepy

Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic, where every piece of art is made from human bones

Get me this for Christmas and I will love you forever

Way back in the thirteen century, the monastery's abbot went to the Holy Land and brought back some dirt from the site where Jesus was believed to have been crucified outside Jerusalem.

Obviously customs was pretty slack at this time and/or the abbot failed to declare this to them upon his return. Needless to say, it's not recommended anyone attempt this today as the Australian entry customs form clearly asks whether you carrying any dirt, seeds, plants or plant products.

Pile of skulls and femurs at Sedlec Ossuary

The scattered skull and femur look: very in, very now

Anyway, the abbot sprinkled this dirt around the cemetery prompting something of a property boom for the dead. Suddenly everyone in Central Europe wanted to be buried there. Subsequent plagues, wars and general passing of the years meant the cemetery became full to bursting.

Over time, a Gothic church built on the site started to be used as a storeroom for "old bones" to make way for "new bones" in the cemetery. The ossuary is estimated to contain the skeletons of up to 70,000 people. (Warning: "dad joke" ahead) Clearly people were just dying to be buried here.

Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Garlands of skulls (I know what I'll be using instead of tinsel this Christmas!)

In 1870, the local aristocratic Schwarzenberg family, realising they were not going to get into the pages of Vogue Living with this unholy mess, decided to bring some order to the chaos.

Liking the work of Czech woodcarver Frantisek Rint, they gave him a free reign on the piles of bones, resulting in a unique decorating style which can only be described as "Macabre Chic."

If there was an award for recycling at the time, I think he would have won it.

It actually would have been amazing to watch Rint at work; seeing him choose some bones over others and trying different creations. It also would have been interesting to see the local reaction at the time to his creations: "Is that Aunty Beryl?"

Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Close up of the garland of skulls

Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

You just know when something is meant for your home

Stepping inside the ossuary, and once you've become accustomed to the gruesome factor, it's hard not to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship which has gone into the pieces.

In a weird way, it also gives you an appreciation of human anatomy that would make your school biology teacher proud. After all, it's not often you come face to face with human skulls and bones.

And the whole concept certainly validates the old adage used by countless home improvement shows: you really don't need to spend a lot of money to make a big impact.

Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

One idea to spice up your '90s painted feature wall)

It's also a startling reminder that we really are all the same deep down. Literally. Once you strip away the skin, tissue and muscles, we all just look like that.

And really, how much more macabre is having your bones converted into a chandelier compared to just having your bones rotting away under a tombstone. If anything, it's nice you're still being of appreciated long after you've gone.

Knowing that design trends fall out of fashion only to later come back into vogue, you can't help but wonder if the "bone look" is the next one to be resurrected?

What do you think, Better Homes and Gardens?

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