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Krakow is an amazingly beautiful, poignant city and as Poland's second largest city most foreign visitors will pass through here. This is how to make the most of a brief trip! Presenting the HoliDaze top five most entertaining attractions in Krakow: (And be sure to check out my other Krakow "Top 5" Lists, restaurants and excursions)

1.   Rynek / Grodska Street / Sukiennice / Mariacki

I start with a bit of a cheat, covering 4 items in one, but that's because they're all in one spot. They are the main market square (Rynek) and surrounds - the very heart of Krakow. Catch the Rynek as often as you can as events are always taking place there. Stroll down Grodska Street and check out the objets d'art. Surprisingly tasteful trinkets are for sale inside the cloth hall (Sukiennice), but also along its sides. Visit Mariacki at a time when they display the stunning carved wooden altar, and for sport, try to take pictures of it without paying an earnest usher a few zloty for the privilege (having already paid to get in).

Grodzka Street, one of the oldest streets in Krakow, Poland

2.   Wawel

Visit the royal castle from the days when Krakow was Poland's capital. Tour the royal apartments, keeping an eye on the spectacular ceilings. Don't miss the Cathedral crypt where the Polish Kings are buried. Take the steps (and kids) down from the castle mount, through caves, to a metal dragon that breathes fire every few seconds.

Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland

3.   Kazimierz

Tour the atmospheric old Jewish Quarter, visiting some of the half dozen or so synagogues. Remuh is the most famous, with a large cemetery, and a wall made up of gravestones ransacked by the Nazis. Tempel synagogue was recently renovated and is very beautiful. Lunch on chicken soup and chopped liver in one of the many Jewish-themed restaurants, and dine whilst listening to Jewish Klezmer music, which can be at once lively and poignant.

Remuh synagogue and cemetary in Krakow, Poland

4.   Collegium Maius

Wander this stunning Krakow University college, taking in where Copernicus studied, and some of the earliest astronomical instruments. If you're lucky you'll catch the cute figurines in the quad that chime the hour.

The courtyard of Collegium Maius in Krakow, Poland

5.   Sukiennice Museum

It's been a while since I visited this museum, but I'll never forget the sweeping panoramas by Matejko, which help define Poland. In the end it's personal choice, but I'd recommend this museum, on the first floor of the cloth hall, in preference to the new attraction under it which uncovers the city's archaeology, but I thought left a little to the imagination.

Sukiennice Museum in Krakow, Poland

WILDCARD: Plaszow Concentration Camp   Wander out of Kazimierz to what remains of the concentration camp into which the Jews of Krakow were crammed during World War II. You can still see a small section of the ghetto wall, the house from where camp commander Amon Goethe shot at Jews, and one remaining gravestone of an immortalised Chaim Abrahamer.

Plaszow concentration camp in Kazimierz, Poland

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