California is known around the world as being a mecca for forward-thinking movements and people, but San Francisco in particular stands out from the rest of the state. The city is a hotbed of art and independence, as well as being the home to countless green movements and corporations. As such it should be no surprise that the hotels in San Francisco are likewise amazing and unique. The next time you are passing through San Fran, be sure to check out these cool and quirky hotels lest you find yourself in another boring chain.

Hotel Tomo

Fusing that rustic California feel with a touch of Japanese is the intriguing Hotel Tomo, located in San Francisco's Japantown (no surprise there). This hotel is a gamer's paradise and the ideal destination for any Japanophiles. Throughout the hotel are subtle references to Japan, from anime to artwork, all decorated in the most tasteful of ways.

Phoenix Hotel

The cool and quirky Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco, California -- designed for musicians

Owned and managed by the same parent company as Hotel Tomo, the Phoenix Hotel has a strong musical theme that makes it perfect for any traveling rockers. Word on the street is that there are several well-known groups that always stay here when they have gigs in town. Might be worth booking a room just to see who you run into in the lobby.

Hotel des Arts

Is it an art gallery? Is it a hotel? I still don't know but definitely love it! The Hotel des Arts near Chinatown is a must for art lovers. Every wall of this hotel from lobby to bathroom is adorned with at least one piece of artwork, most of which are abstract but all of which are wildly captivating. A stay here will make you want to grab a spray can and hit the San Francisco streets.

Hotel Diva

Hotel Diva in San Francisco, California

One of the all around coolest boutique hotels in San Francisco is the Hotel Diva, of which you need not be to enjoy a stay here. With funky and stylish rooms unlike anything else you've ever seen in San Francisco (and that is saying a lot), this hotel is perfect for anyone with a quirky personality or design sense.

Hotel Mark Twain

Step back in time with this unique fusion of Mark Twain era life mixed with a dash of modern San Francisco charm and quirkiness. The Hotel Mark Twain stands apart from all other San Francisco hotels because it is simply a trip. From a larger than life photo of the man himself to the authentic retro outfits of the staff, guests here are swept away from the minute they enter the door. An obvious must for any fans of Mark Twain — but that should go without saying.

Hotel Triton

Hotel Triton in San Francisco, California

If color and vibrance are as mandatory to your daily life as oxygen is, then the Hotel Triton is where you want to be. Full of cool, crazy, colorful, and quirky designs, paintings, and artwork throughout the entire building, the Triton is a feast for all the senses.

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The destinations and the sights may change but the hotels rarely do. It's easy to get bored with mundane, predictable hotels, even if you are not a frequent traveler. After all, there is no reason the experience at your hotel should not be as rewarding as the destination itself. With the following quirky, offbeat and just downright amazing Auckland accommodations, visitors will be writing home about the hotels instead of the city itself.

The Shakespeare Hotel & Brewery

The Shakespeare Hotel & Brewery in Auckland, New Zealand

One of the best things about traveling is sampling new foods and the local beer. Thankfully whoever is behind the Shakespeare Hotel & Brewery made a bold but smart move and combined the two in New Zealand's first brewpub and hotel. Adding to Shakespeare's charm is the fact that it is located right in the heart of Auckland and is one of the best budget hotel options in all of town. In fact it is quite easy to spend more here on beer than you will on your room. But don't worry, that's a good thing -- their craft brews are delicious!

Ponsonby Manor Guest House

Ponsonby in West Auckland is one of the cities most iconic and intriguing suburbs. The area has a rich and vivid history but nowadays is known for its shopping, cafes, art galleries and nightclubs. Situated right in the center of all that action is Ponsonby Manor, the perfect place to stay if you want to enjoy the colorful neighborhood without breaking the bank. This Victorian manor has been around for over 150 years but has been repeatedly renovated to keep it modern. Each of the rooms is unique and, just like any good manor, Ponsonby has a garden, communal kitchen, television room and of course a barbecue area. A great way to escape the traditional hotels and live in a more local environment.

Riverside Matakana

Matakana Village is one of Auckland's most well-known and well-loved destinations located just outside of the big city. It is also great wine country. It is here that the immaculate Riverside Matakana luxury resort occupies 40 acres along the Glen Eden River. They offer private bungalows that are surprisingly affordable and the ultimate in relaxation. While in town be sure to visit the weekly Matakana Market every Saturday and definitely indulge in some wine tasting. Vineyard tours are available and come highly recommended!

MacKenzie Farmstay

For a truly unique experience, head one hour north of Auckland to MacKenzie Farmstay in Matamata. There you can enjoy a tranquil stay on a working farm surrounded by 30 acres of rolling farmland filled with sheep, cattle, goats and horses. Take the five-minute ride into town to spend the day exploring boutique cafes and visit the Hobbiton movie set, the filming location the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit.

These are my favorite offbeat accommodation options in Auckland but which ones have I missed? Feel free to comment with your suggestions below!

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