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Few people are lucky enough in life to get to see this for themselves. It is not on the beaten path, not somewhere that you can bop down to for the weekend. It is a journey to get to, that is for sure. And actually, I think that is one of the things that makes it so incredibly amazing. It is not cheapened by convenience. Nestled deep in the mountains of a country steeped in ancient culture an tradition, the journey to the top of this sacred mountain is as incredible as the space itself. I visited Machu Picchu in… KEEP READING
Nearly everyone on this planet, traveler or not, has at least an idea of roughly what Machu Picchu is so I'll just summarize the basics. Built and occupied by the Incas from the early 1400s to the late 1500s, this lost city is arguably the crowning achievement of the Inca civilization. Totally unbeknownst to Spain during their conquests, Machu Picchu sat undisturbed until it was discovered in the early 1900s. The iconic Machu Picchu shot ;) Since that time many of the ruins have been reconstructed and the place has become a tourist sensation known worldwide, seeing an average of… KEEP READING
The rich & famous and not-so-rich, not-famous-at-all, go there. The ancient abandoned city of Machu Picchu attracts many travelers from around the world. Luxury travelers ride the 1st class Hiram Bingham train with Perurail and backpackers hike the Inca Trail. They go by the thousands. Up to 2500 people per day will explore the Machu Picchu ruins. Not as many visitors make it to the other destinations in Peru, including Colca Canyon. Perhaps the biggest obstacle is the geography. There is no train and driving requires hiring a vehicle and driver in Cusco or Puno, and traveling over the highlands… KEEP READING

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Nate @ Yomadic

Traveling writer, photographer, and hand model with a deep-seated lust for BBQ pork.


Jeremy @ travelFREAK

NEW!   He really puts the something in the something... (you'll have to read the interview)

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