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In my personal blog, I recently wrote a piece entitled The Whispering Stones of Sparta in which I found myself defending my recent visit to this ancient Greek city. Before heading to Greece this past Fall, I’d been told that Sparta wasn’t worth the trip. It was remotely located and therefore a long haul from, well, almost anywhere. Plus, the town just wasn’t very interesting and the ancient ruins and museums were inconsequential. "I wouldn't even bother with Sparta," a good friend told me before I left, having visited several years earlier. "There's nothing there but a few piles of… KEEP READING
In the north of the Greek Ionian island of Zakynthos at an area called Skinari you will find the magnificent Blue Caves. The Blue Caves are one of the islands most famous natural attractions and were discovered in 1897 by Antonio Komouto. The caves attract thousands of visitors each year and are located just below the lighthouse at Cape Skinari. The caves owe there name to the blue waters inside them. Objects below the water appear to turn blue. This includes people who can enter the water inside the caves to swim. The Blue Caves can only be visited by… KEEP READING
Shipwreck Cove or Smugglers Cove in Zakynthos, also called Navagio beach is probably the most famous beach in Greece, the beach is only accessed by boat, and well worth the trip. The picturesque beach is probably the most famous in Greece having been photographed and featured in many holiday brochures, travel books and televised advertisements. The boat was shipwrecked back in 1980 after hitting rocks in bad weather while being pursued by the Greek Navy who suspected it was carrying contraband cigarettes. Those tourists planning to lounge in the sun are advised to bring all necessities with them as there… KEEP READING
As I walked up to the entrance of Antimachia Castle, I heard a voice call out: "Ya Svenge?" "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?" "Dag!" "Australian, mate?" The little man was a character straight from the pages of history. Part court jester, part musician, all personality. He was dressed in a native, medieval costume to match his surroundings, this guy was the official greeting party for the Fourteenth century Antimachia Castle. "English? I speak all language! Tell me, where you are from?" I laughed at his persistence as I walked up the stairs to enter the Castle. "California." "American! Ah, U-S-A. Not very… KEEP READING