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So here's my final post of this three-part series about the Vatican Necropolis under Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Tomb of Saint Peter. In the first article we covered some generalities and the historical background for Saint Peter’s Basilica. In the second article we went one by one through the mausoleums in the Vatican Necropolis tour, explaining each major highlight. Today we finally reach St Peter’s Tomb! Who was St Peter? Peter was one of Twelve Apostles who accompanied Jesus. After Jesus’ death, Peter led the founding the Christian church and became the first pope. 30 years after Jesus' death…
I am not proud to say that I used to assume that Saint Peter's Basilica was just the biggest church in Christendom, the pilgrimage and gathering place of all Catholics in the world. What I didn’t know is that not only it is actually one of the most incredible examples of Late Renaissance and Baroque art anywhere, but it is also a place that holds an unexpected secret… Underneath it you can find The Vatican Necropolis, a first century necropolis (city of the dead), basically a roman cemetery where the actual Tomb of Saint Peter is believed to remain, still…