Explored Pier 39. ✔ W  alked to Pier 45. ✔   Found a WWII Submarine. ✔  That's right. I said A World War II SUBMARINE.

The USS Pampanito

SO worth the $10 admission fee.

One laundry machine for 70+ men. 
How often do you really think they washed their clothes? 
(Also, only one shower too. Ditto for washing of bodies?)

This bunk is sandwiched between torpedoes. 
Better not toss and turn at night if you sleep there.

Torpedo tubes
A hatch. It's TEENY TINY. 
There are four or five of these to pass through when traversing the length of the sub. 
These divide the sub into watertight compartments.
RED ALERT! The lighting on "the bridge" is red.

How would you like to sleep in such tight quarters? 
(You can't really see them from this photo, but the bunks 
go five rows deep to the left. Imagine the smell! Or don't.)

PS - Apparently you can rent out the submarine for overnight stays! How cool is that?
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