Stockholm Card - Worth It Or Not?

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That's the Stockholm Card. I was a little bit apprehensive to get it at first because at 795 Swedish Crowns it's really expensive, but it was really worth it. For our short trip, we wanted to cover as much ground as possible, and at the same time not spend too much time inside museums. Without much advance planning though, we just decided to visit the major sites, while being spontaneous along the way ("oh look, there's the Nobel Museum! let's go in!" and "hey, that's the Sprit Museum, we can get in there for free").

Let's have a look at all the attractions we visited in three days and the figures:

Transportation costs, tours and entrance fees

  • 72 hour public transportation card - SEK 230
  • Historic Canal Tour - SEK 160
  • City Hall Tour - SEK 100
  • Drottningholm Palace - SEK 215 (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Storkyrkan - SEK 40
  • Nobel Museum - SEK 100
  • Nordic Museum - SEK 100
  • Vasa Museum - SEK 130
  • Spritmuseum - SEK 100
  • Skansen - SEK 150

TOTAL: SEK 1,325
Stockholm Card: SEK 795
Savings with the Stockholm Card: SEK 530
  Verdict: WORTH IT!

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