A Cheesy Weekend

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I had no solid plan when I set-off to meet my sisters for my birthday (I don't usually celebrate), after my old school mate and cousin offered to take us to Hyatt-Regency Kilimanjaro hotel (HRK) formerly known as Kempiski-Kilimanjaro for desserts and come what may, it triggered the mission for the next day, cheese cake hunt ;-)

At HRK, I was indifferent on what to have so I decided to go with her choice, she picked strawberry cheese cake. I had some reservations about the choice because we don't have the best tasting cheese but we were at the acclaimed HRK so it wouldn't come as a surprise that they import all of their ingredients. After about 10 minutes wait at the wonderfully lit backyard garden the waiter brought in our orders. A piece of white cheese cake with whipped cream and strawberry garnish. Apart from the crust, it seemed to have two layers, the lower resembled a mouse and the top was more solid. The taste was amazing, light, creamy and fluffy with just the right amount of salt and sugar, the strawberries were a perfect compliment adding a tangy feeling to what would have otherwise been a blunt piece, although the crust was a little soggy it settled well with my taste buds [I could almost see Remy's (Ratatouille) fireworks]. Priced at 13,500 Tshs; it was worth every bit.

From there on wards I decided that I would spend the next day tasting every cheese cake that came before my eyes and that took me to two more cafe-cum-bakeries, Africafe and Kahawa cafe. Africafe's cheese cake was up first, a bigger piece, two layered and off-white. The cheesy taste was more pronounced in this piece than the one from Hyatt-Regency however I didn't like the butter-milk icing they used to decorate, it just didn't work with the overall taste. Their crust was crunchy, a little sugary, again it wasn't very complimenting. Never the less at a price of 7,500 Tshs; I was satisfied with the purchase but I still yearned for something better.

Cheesecake at Africafe in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Kahawa cafe's Philadelphia cheese cake attracted me at first glance. I'm not a fan of fruit in anything baked or cooked but mixed berries and a slice of green apple was quite an attention grabber. This piece of cheese cake unlike the other two had a single layer; it was garnished with strawberries, grape, apple slice and cream which really worked to improve the overall flavor making it more than simply sugary-salty-creamy texture. The crust was a little too sugary and I could taste the granules which hurt my teeth with every bit, I had to eliminate the crust in the end. Again priced at 7,500 Tshs it was not a regrettable purchase. In comparison to the Africafe piece, this was way better in taste (if they were to adapt the Hyatt-Regency crust their piece will be heavenly).

Cheesecake at Kahawa Cafe in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Each piece had a miss but in the end of the day when I have a craving for cheese, I would definitely go back to Hyatt-Regency Kilimanjaro for their piece of delightful strawberry cheese cake because the satisfaction I got from having a bite of their creation out-weighed the slightly higher-cost (unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it).

Fatma Makame

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0 # Derek Freal 2012-09-02 04:52
Mmmm...I love cheesecake! I am sad to hear that Tanzania does not have good cheese tho. I LOVE cheese too, pretty much any type or variation hehehe. But at least the import the good stuff to make such tasty delicacies :)
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