Pinterest is Changing the Way Travelers Plan a Trip

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One of the hottest social media sites on the internet today is Pinterest. While many associate the media sharing site with arts and crafts, the fact is that the social media icon has evolved and adapted to contain a multitude of useful information. In fact, Pinterest has become a valuable tool for the travel industry and anyone planning a weekend getaway or a long overdue vacation. Following along popular travel icons like yours truly ;) will provide you with plenty of travel inspiration and motivation from around the world. This information can reveal where to go, what to eat, and what to do when the time for the trip has arrived or make adequate plans in advance.

  Where to Go

All too often travelers flock to the same destinations year after year. Pinterest gives users interesting snapshots of exotic and domestic destinations that can light the fire of adventure in anyone. Since the site is visual in nature, some pretty impressive pictures can grab the attention of the reader. Plus, the information provided with the photo reveals all the necessary details about the location. Basically, the social sharing sight allows users to check out different aspects of a resort, city, country, theme park, or more before buying a ticket or booking a flight.

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  What to Eat

A good portion of the fun of traveling is trying the different culinary treats at the destination. Pictures of food are not exactly new to social media, but finding out where the photo was taken, what the item is, and how it tastes is extremely beneficial to anyone planning a journey. Plus, it is even possible for photos of different foods to stoke the imagination, which leads to investigation about an eatery or cafe. Putting different foods or drinks on a taste list is a very real possibility, and getting peek at them beforehand is a major asset.

  What to Do

Pinterest is all about getting ideas. Since inspiration can strike at any minute, users are able to get an understanding of what an area has to offer in the way of entertainment and activities before booking the trip. While guide books and other media outlets have a similar approach, getting the opinions of other users or people that have actually made the visit can serve as a priceless source of information. Getting informed and checking out what the destination might have in store can reveal some hidden gems or off the map places that really can transform a trip into some great lasting memories.

In the end, social media is transforming the way a lot of industries do business. Businesses in the travel industry are just beginning to understand the power of Pinterest, and travelers are really starting to get a foothold on the site as well. Figuring out where to go, what to eat, and what do has never really been as fun as it is now. Strong visuals and an easy to use interactive format make Pinterest a must use website for anyone planning a vacation. Following the right accounts, companies, and users can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting new ideas on different destinations. In short, the photos make the site come alive, and the links provide some of the best information available to anyone looking to explore new territory or uncover a new favorite place to go.

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